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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
MC-GGFG-DX8951 Chemical Structure
BCP31889 MC-GGFG-DX8951 1600418-29-8
MC-GGFG-DX8951 is a drug-linker conjugate for ADC with antitumor activity by using DX8951 (a DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor), linked via the protease cleavable MC-GGFG linker.
Quifenadine Chemical Structure
BCP21301 Quifenadine 10447-39-9
Quifenadine is an H1-histamine receptor blocker with antiarrhythmic properties.
Mc-Val-Ala-PAB Chemical Structure
BCP26224 Mc-Val-Ala-PAB 1870916-87-2
Mc-Val-Ala-PAB is a useful linker to make antibody-drug-conjugate (ADC) for targeting drug delivery.
Fmoc-Val-ala-PAB Chemical Structure
BCP26223 Fmoc-Val-ala-PAB 1394238-91-5
Fmoc-Val-Ala-PAB, also known as Fmoc-Val-Ala-PAB-OH, is a useful linker for making Antibody-Drug-Conjugation (ADC) conjugate for targeting drug delivery.
6-Quinoxalinecarboxylic acid, 2,3-bis(bromomethyl)- Chemical Structure
BCP30948 6-Quinoxalinecarboxylic acid, 2,3-bis(bromomethyl)- 32602-11-2
6-Quinoxalinecarboxylic acid, 2,3-bis(bromomethyl)- is an useful linker for antibody-drug-conjugations (ADCs).
Mal-amido-PEG2-NHS Chemical Structure
BCP30679 Mal-amido-PEG2-NHS 955094-26-5
Mal-amido-PEG2-NHS is a useful protective group in antibody drug conjugates.
DBCO-amine Chemical Structure
BCP30678 DBCO-amine 1255942-06-3
DBCO-amine is a simple building block containing a DBCO moiety and will add minimal spacer to the modified molecules.
Calicheamicin Chemical Structure
BCP30641 Calicheamicin 108212-75-5
Calicheamicin is a cytotoxic agent that causes double-strand DNA breaks.
Daunomycinone Chemical Structure
BCP07437 Daunomycinone 21794-55-8
Daunomycinone is the aglycone of daunomycin.
Auristatin E trifluoroacetate Chemical Structure
BCP30132 Auristatin E trifluoroacetate AuristatinEt
Auristatin E is a cytotoxic tubulin modifier with potent and selective antitumor activity; MMAE analog and cytotoxin in Antibody-drug conjugates.
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