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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
HG6-64-1 Chemical Structure
BCP11080 HG6-64-1 1315329-43-1
HG6-64-1 is a potent and selective B-Raf and mutant B-Raf inhibitor.HG6-64-1 is a potent dual TAK1 and MAP4K2 ((germinal center kinase, GCK)) inhibitor with IC50 of 41 nM and 98 nM, respectively.
NG-25 Chemical Structure
BCP28600 NG-25 1315355-93-1
NG25 is a potent dual TAK1 and MAP4K2 inhibitor.
K67 Chemical Structure
BCP26006 K67 2046250-48-8
K67 is a specific inhibitor of the interaction between S349-phosphorylated p62 and Keap1, exhibts no inhibitory effect on the interaction of full-length Keap1 with Nrf2-ETGE or full-length Nrf2.
Dl-sulforaphane Chemical Structure
BCP19599 Dl-sulforaphane 4478-93-7
Sulforaphane is an inducer of chemopreventative enzymes via Keap1-Nrf2 signaling. Sulforaphane is present naturally in widely consumed vegetables and has a particularly high concentration in broc-coli.
Eriodictyol Chemical Structure
BCP13401 Eriodictyol 552-58-9
Eriodictyol is a flavonoid isolated from the Chinese herb, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.
Pyridoxine Chemical Structure
BCP27975 Pyridoxine 65-23-6
Pyridoxine is a pyridine derivative.
Mangiferin Chemical Structure
BCP28352 Mangiferin 4773-96-0
Mangiferin is a Nrf2 activator. Mangiferin suppresses nuclear translocation of the NF-κB subunits p65 and p50.
NSC172924 Chemical Structure
BCP15272 NSC172924 14907-98-3
Danshensu Chemical Structure
BCP28285 Danshensu 76822-21-4
Danshensu, a herbal preparation used in traditional Chinese medicine, possesses potential antitumor and anti‑angiogenesis effects.
Ezetimibe Chemical Structure
BCP04124 Ezetimibe 163222-33-1
Ezetimibe is a Niemann-Pick C1-like1 (NPC1L1) inhibitor, and is a potent Nrf2 activator. Ezetimibe (Eze) is a potent cholesterol absorption inhibitor.
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