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Technical Support

Chemical Analysis

The varied nature of the work we conduct means that our analytical chemists are highly experienced at performing complex chemical analysis. Whether you have a specific problem to solve, or want a comprehensive QC data package, we are here to help you.We could ensure the quality of each batch through product quality testing.

We provide COA , QC documents etc by the following methods:

•Certificates of Analysis(COA) and QC files will be sent to your email after shipment.

•These files on the product web-page on www.biochempartner.com could be downloaded.

• Contact our customer service via orders@biochempartner.com.

Examples of our quality control techniques include:

• Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (HNMR)

• High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

• Mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

• Stability studies

• Impurity profiling

• Titration

Storage and stability

Due to the novelty of many of our products, information concerning product stability has rarely been reported and in most cases we can only offer a general guide.Storage condition in Biochempartner tag is flexible as many product can be preserved for greatly extended time without affecting its quality under low temperature.For a specific Biochempartner product, please refer to its own product label to make preservation.


It is good practice to assume that most chemicals are toxic to man and animal.Every precaution should be taken when handling any Biochempartner product. Biochempartner will provide all possible advice and assistance concerning the safe handling of our products. As research chemicals, the potential hazards are often not known and an absence of warning does not mean that no hazard exists. It is the users' responsibility to ensure that relevant safety precautions are taken at all times.