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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
ARV393 Chemical Structure
BCP49670 ARV393 2851885-95-3
ARV-393 is an orally active PROTAC degrader targeting BCL6. ARV-393 utilizes the ubiquitin-proteasome system to target the degradation of BCL6. ARV-393 has DC50 and GI50 values of <1 nM in multiple cell lines of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and Burkitt lymphoma (BL). ARV-393 also demonstrated considerable tumor suppressor activity in tumor xenograft models.
Hematin porcine Chemical Structure
BCP49671 Hematin porcine 15489-90-4
Hematin is an iron-containing porphyrin. It is used for testing in vitro activities of the Rx-01 oxazolidinones against hospital and community pathogens.
Decapeptide-4 Chemical Structure
BCP49672 Decapeptide-4 Decapeptide-4
Decapeptide-4 is a synthetic peptide consisting of arginine, aspartic acid, cysteine, glutamic acid, leucine, methionine and tyrosine.
Yakuchinone B Chemical Structure
BCP41124 Yakuchinone B 81840-57-5
EGT1442 Chemical Structure
BCP03928 EGT1442 1118567-05-7
Bexagliflozin(EGT1442) is a potent and selective SGLT2 inhibitor with IC50 value of 5.6 μM /2 nM in SGLT1 /SGLT2 respectively.
rac-Clopidogrel Hydrogen Sulfate Chemical Structure
BCP04255 rac-Clopidogrel Hydrogen Sulfate 135046-48-9
rac-Clopidogrel Hydrogen Sulfate is used in the synthesis of Clopidogrel derivatives as platelet aggregation inhibitors.
Erdafitinib Chemical Structure
BCP20346 Erdafitinib 1346242-81-6
Erdafitinib (JNJ-42756493) is a potent and orally available FGFR family inhibitor; inhibits FGFR1-4 with IC50 values of 1.2, 2.5, 3.0 and 5.7nM, respectively.
Terbutaline sulfate Chemical Structure
BCP09034 Terbutaline sulfate 23031-32-5
Terbutaline sulfate is a β2-adrenergic receptor agonist; a fast-acting bronchodilator and a tocolytic to delay premature labor.
Silymarin Chemical Structure
BCP13563 Silymarin 65666-07-1
Silymarin, a strong novel free radical scavenger, is used for treatment of patients with acute brain infarction.
RMC-7977 Chemical Structure
BCP49669 RMC-7977 2765082-12-8
RMC-7977 is a reversible, tri-complex RAS inhibitor with broad spectrum activity for both mutant and wild-type (WT) KRAS, NRAS, and HRAS variants.
Sobetirome Chemical Structure
BCP23779 Sobetirome 211110-63-3
Sobetirome, also known as GC-1 and QRX-431, is a thyroid hormone receptor β (TRβ)-specific agonist which bind selectively to TRβ-1 with an EC50 of 0.16 μM.
5-Chloro-2-methyl-3-nitrobenzoic acid Chemical Structure
BCP49668 5-Chloro-2-methyl-3-nitrobenzoic acid 154257-81-5
3,6-Dichloropyridazine-4-carboxylic acid Chemical Structure
BCP05892 3,6-Dichloropyridazine-4-carboxylic acid 51149-08-7
4-Ethynylaniline Chemical Structure
BCP49667 4-Ethynylaniline 14235-81-5
2,5-Dichloro-2,5-dimethylhexane Chemical Structure
BCP49666 2,5-Dichloro-2,5-dimethylhexane 6223-78-5
Ethyl 3-Methylpyrazole-4-carboxylate Chemical Structure
BCP49665 Ethyl 3-Methylpyrazole-4-carboxylate 85290-78-4
1,2,6,7-Tetrahydro-8H-indeno[5,4-b]furan-8-one Chemical Structure
BCP11938 1,2,6,7-Tetrahydro-8H-indeno[5,4-b]furan-8-one 196597-78-1
Methyldiphenylphosphine Chemical Structure
BCP49664 Methyldiphenylphosphine 1486-28-8
N-tert-Butyl-α-phenylnitrone Chemical Structure
BCP49663 N-tert-Butyl-α-phenylnitrone 3376-24-7
N-tert-Butyl-α-phenylnitrone is a nitrone-based free radical scavenger that forms nitroxide spin adducts.
4-Amino-2-chloro-5-methylpyridine Chemical Structure
BCP45650 4-Amino-2-chloro-5-methylpyridine 79055-62-2
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