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c Kit

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
KG5 Chemical Structure
BCP46930 KG5 877874-85-6
KG 5 is an orally available PDGFRß and B-Raf allosteric inhibitor.
Vimseltinib Chemical Structure
BCP44095 Vimseltinib 1628606-05-2
Vimseltinib, also known as DCC-3014, is a potent and orally active inhibitor of the tyrosine kinase receptor colony stimulating factor 1 receptor (CSF1R; CSF-1R; C-FMS; CD115; M-CSFR), with potential antineoplastic, macrophage checkpoint-inhibitory and immunomodulating activities.
M4205 Chemical Structure
BCP42947 M4205 2590556-80-0
M4205 is a c-KIT inhibitor, with an IC50 of 10 nM for c-KIT V654A. M4205 has high activity on c-KIT mutations in exon 11, 13, 17.
Masitinib Mesylate Chemical Structure
BCP30695 Masitinib Mesylate 1048007-93-7
Masitinib Mesylate is a potent and selective tyrosine kinase inhibitor that targets KIT.
Avapritinib Chemical Structure
BCP20175 Avapritinib 1703793-34-3
Avapritinib is a potent and selective exon 17 mutant KIT kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 0.27 nM for KIT D816V.
AMG-25 Chemical Structure
BCP20632 AMG-25 1003311-62-3
AMG-25 exhibits potent inhibition of c-Kit with greater than 200-fold selectivity over KDR, p38, Lck and Src.
AST-487 Chemical Structure
BCP21589 AST-487 630124-46-8
AST 487 is a RET kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 880 nM, inhibits RET autophosphorylation and activation of downstream effectors, also inhibits Flt-3 with IC50 of 520 nM.
Pexidartinib hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP29551 Pexidartinib hydrochloride 2040295-03-0
PLX-3397 HCl is a potent, selective and ATP-competitive CSF1R (cFMS) and c-Kit inhibitor, with IC50s of 20 and 10 nM, respectively. Pexidartinib exhibits 10- to 100-fold selectivity for c-Kit and CSF1R over other related kinases. Anti-cancer activity.
Ripretinib Chemical Structure
BCP29218 Ripretinib 1442472-39-0
DCC-2618 is a pan-KIT and PDGFRA inhibitor, and has antitumor activity.
Sitravatinib Chemical Structure
BCP29099 Sitravatinib 1123837-84-2
Sitravatinib (MGCD516,MG-516) is a novel small molecule inhibitor targeting multiple RTKs involved in driving sarcoma cell growth, including c-Kit, PDGFRβ, PDGFRα, c-Met, and Axl.
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