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Sodium Channel

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Suzetrigine Chemical Structure
BCP49209 Suzetrigine 2649467-58-1
Suzetrigine is a blocker of sodium channel protein type 10 subunit alpha. Suzetrigine acts as an analgesic.
Atomoxetine Chemical Structure
BCP49119 Atomoxetine 83015-26-3
Atomoxetine is a Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor. The mechanism of action of atomoxetine is as a Norepinephrine Uptake Inhibitor.
SLC13A5-IN-1 Chemical Structure
BCP48912 SLC13A5-IN-1 2227548-95-8
SLC13A5-IN-1 is a selective sodium-citrate co-transporter (SLC13A5) inhibitor.
GDC0276 Chemical Structure
BCP25410 GDC0276 1494581-70-2
GDC0276 is a selective, reversible, orally bioavailable small-molecule sodium channel blocker that is selective for Nav1.7, which is expressed primarily on peripheral nociceptor C-fiber neurons and is required for pain sensing in humans.
RY785 Chemical Structure
BCP45758 RY785 1393748-80-5
RY785 is a selective inhibitor of Kv2.1 voltage-gated potassium channels (IC50 = 0.05 µM) that does not affect Cav2 calcium channels.
EIPA Chemical Structure
BCP44873 EIPA 1154-25-2
EIPA is a selective blocker of Na+/H+ antiport.
CRMP2-Ubc9-NaV1.7 inhibitor 194 Chemical Structure
BCP44631 CRMP2-Ubc9-NaV1.7 inhibitor 194 2241651-99-8
CRMP2-Ubc9-NaV1.7 inhibitor 194 is a CRMP2-Ubc9-NaV1.7 inhibitor.
NAV 26 Chemical Structure
BCP40913 NAV 26 1198160-14-3
NAV 26 is a selective Nav1.7 channel blocker.
GX-936 Chemical Structure
BCP39481 GX-936 1235406-09-3
GX-936, also known as PF-05196233, is a Nav1.7 inhibitor.
Dyclonine Chemical Structure
BCP38594 Dyclonine 586-60-7
Dyclonine is n-Ethylpiperidine in which one of the hydrogens attached to the methyl group is substituted by a 4-butoxybenzoyl group. It has a role as a topical anaesthetic. It is a member of piperidines and an aromatic ketone.
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