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Calcium Channel

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
DS16570511 Chemical Structure
BCP46902 DS16570511 2446154-84-1
DS16570511 is a cellular osmotic inhibitor of mitochondrial calcium monoab, which blocks MCU or MICU1-dependent Ca2+ influx.
BTT-266 Chemical Structure
BCP46757 BTT-266 BTT-266
BTT-266 is a CaVα1⋅CaVβ antagonist which suppresses neuronal voltage-gated calcium-channel trafficking.
ML-SA5 Chemical Structure
BCP43794 ML-SA5 2418670-70-7
ML-SA5 is a novel mucolipin 1 (ML1) agonist, inducing lysosomal Ca2+ release, ameliorating muscular dystrophies and activating TFEB to correct lysosomal insufficiency in mdx mice.
Ionomycin calcium Chemical Structure
BCP43217 Ionomycin calcium 56092-82-1
Ionomycin calcium is a polyether Ca 2+ ionophore. Its depletion of intracellular Ca 2+ stores may be linked to the induction of apoptosis.
(+/-)-BAY K 8644 Chemical Structure
BCP39708 (+/-)-BAY K 8644 93468-89-4
VK-II-86 Chemical Structure
BCP37839 VK-II-86 955371-84-3
VK-II-86 inhibit spontaneous Ca2+ release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR).
Verapamil Chemical Structure
BCP37129 Verapamil 52-53-9
Verapamil is a calcium channel blocker that is a class IV anti-arrhythmia agent.
Isourolithin B Chemical Structure
BCP36684 Isourolithin B 855255-55-9
Urolithin C Chemical Structure
BCP36683 Urolithin C 165393-06-6
Urolithin C, a gut-microbial metabolite of Ellagic acid, is a glucose-dependent activator of insulin secretion.
Cyclic ADP-ribose Chemical Structure
BCP35557 Cyclic ADP-ribose 119340-53-3
Cyclic ADP-ribose is a cyclic purine nucleotide that is synthesised from NAD+ by ADP-ribosyl cyclase; acts as an agonist at ryanodine receptors.
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