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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Clavulanate lithium Chemical Structure
BCP44682 Clavulanate lithium 61177-44-4
Clavulanate lithium is a potent β-lactamase inhibitor and acts as an antibiotic.
Dalbavancin hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP44649 Dalbavancin hydrochloride 2227366-51-8
Dalbavancin hydrochloride is a semisynthetic lipoglycopeptide antibiotic with potent bactericidal activity against Gram-positive bacteria.
Isothiocyanic acid benzyl ester Chemical Structure
BCP44425 Isothiocyanic acid benzyl ester 622-78-6
Benzyl isothiocyanate is an isothiocyanate. It has a role as an antibacterial drug.
Lefamulin Acetate Chemical Structure
BCP24166 Lefamulin Acetate 1350636-82-6
Lefamulin is an antibiotic medication used it to treat adults with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia.
Cefcanel daloxate Chemical Structure
BCP43969 Cefcanel daloxate 97275-40-6
Cefcanel Daloxate is the cephem double ester prodrug of cefcanel, a semisynthetic third-generation cephalosporin with antibacterial activity.
Gibberellin A20 Chemical Structure
BCP43893 Gibberellin A20 19143-87-4
Gibberellin A20 is a C19-gibberellin that is a pentacyclic diterpenoid responsible for promoting growth and development.
Gibberellin A19 Chemical Structure
BCP43892 Gibberellin A19 6980-44-5
Gibberellin A19 is a C20-gibberellin.
HT-61 Chemical Structure
BCP43676 HT-61 936622-80-9
HT-61, also known as HY-50A, is a pyrroloquinolone antibiotic potentially for the treatment of staphylococcal infections.
Exeporfinium bromide Chemical Structure
BCP43525 Exeporfinium bromide 943326-71-4
Exeporfinium, also known as XF-73, is an anti-microbial which works via weakening bacteria cell walls.
Dup-721 Chemical Structure
BCP43474 Dup-721 104421-21-8
Dup-721 is a new antimicrobial agent belonging to the oxazolidinone series, a new class of synthetic antibacterial agents.
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