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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Methyl beta-D-xylopyranoside Chemical Structure
BCP48469 Methyl beta-D-xylopyranoside 612-05-5
Methyl beta-D-xylopyranoside is a methyl glycoside that is beta-D-xylose in which the hydrogen of the anomeric hydroxy group is replaced by a methyl group.
Koumine Chemical Structure
BCP48462 Koumine 1358-76-5
Koumine is a natural product found in Gelsemium and Gelsemium elegans with data available.
(R)-Meranzin Chemical Structure
BCP48461 (R)-Meranzin 489-53-2
(R)-Meranzin is a member of coumarins.
Disperse Red 1 Chemical Structure
BCP48391 Disperse Red 1 2872-52-8
Disperse Red 1 is an azo dye that contributes to the toxicity and pollution of wastewater.
Cholesteryl formate Chemical Structure
BCP48390 Cholesteryl formate 4351-55-7
Physalin F Chemical Structure
BCP48387 Physalin F 57423-71-9
Physalin F is a natural product found in Physalis angulata, Physalis lagascae, and other organisms with data available.
Norathyriol Chemical Structure
BCP48384 Norathyriol 3542-72-1
Norathyriol is a natural product found in Hypericum aucheri, Hypericum elegans, and other organisms with data available.
Cochinchinenin A Chemical Structure
BCP48383 Cochinchinenin A 221696-69-1
Cochinchinenin A is the material basis for the analgesic effect of Dragons Blood.
WIithanolide A Chemical Structure
BCP48381 WIithanolide A 32911-62-9
Withanolide a is a natural product found in Withania somnifera, Withania coagulans, and Discopodium penninervium with data available.
Myristicin Chemical Structure
BCP48380 Myristicin 607-91-0
Myristicin is a natural product found in Chaerophyllum azoricum, Peperomia bracteata, and other organisms with data available.
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