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Adenosine Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
IB-MECA acetonide Chemical Structure
BCP24995 IB-MECA acetonide 152918-48-4
IB-MECA is a potent and selective A3 adenosine receptor agonist (Ki values are 1.1, 54 and 56 nM for A3, A1 and A2A receptors respectively).
PSB-1901 Chemical Structure
BCP48526 PSB-1901 2332835-02-4
PSB-1901 is a novel highly potent and selective A2B adenosine receptor (A2BAR) antagonist with >10 000-fold selectivity versus all other AR subtypes.
Taminadenant Chemical Structure
BCP48237 Taminadenant 1337962-47-6
Taminadenant is an orally bioavailable adenosine A2A receptor (A2AR) antagonist, with potential antineoplastic activity.
Adenosine Chemical Structure
BCP47085 Adenosine 58-61-7
Adenosine is a nucleoside that is composed of adenine and d-ribose. Adenosine or adenosine derivatives play many important biological roles in addition to being components of DNA and RNA. Adenosine itself is a neurotransmitter.
BAY 60-6583 Chemical Structure
BCP45903 BAY 60-6583 910487-58-0
BAY 60-6583 is a potent and high-affinity agonist of adenosine A2B receptor (EC50 = 3 nM) over A1, A2A, and A3 receptors. BAY 60-6583 binds to mouse, rabbit, and dog A2BAR with Ki values of 750 nM, 340 nM and 330 nM, respectively. BAY 60-6583 has a cardioprotective effect in a myocardial ischemia model.
MIPS521 Chemical Structure
BCP43481 MIPS521 1146188-19-3
MIPS521 is a positive allosteric modulator of the adenosine A1 receptor.
Runcaciguat Chemical Structure
BCP42634 Runcaciguat 1402936-61-1
Runcaciguat is an orally active stimulator of soluble guanylate cyclase, and is used in the research of cardiovascular and renal diseases combined with selective partial adenosine A1 receptor agonists.
DPCPX Chemical Structure
BCP41437 DPCPX 102146-07-6
DPCPX is an A1 adenosine receptor antagonist and could be useful in some physiological studies on cell cultures.
CGS 15943 Chemical Structure
BCP37843 CGS 15943 104615-18-1
CGS 15943 is a potent adenosine receptor antagonist (Ki values are 3.5, 4.2, 16 and 51 nM for human A1, A2A, A2B and A3 receptors respectively).
N6-Benzyl Adenosine Chemical Structure
BCP36701 N6-Benzyl Adenosine 4294-16-0
N6-Benzyl Adenosine is a selective A1 adenosine receptor agonist.
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