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Ion Channel/Membrane Transporter

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
SR 13800 Chemical Structure
BCP46368 SR 13800 227321-12-2
SR 13800 is a cell-permeable inhibitor of monocarboxylate transporter 1 (MCT1).
RY785 Chemical Structure
BCP45758 RY785 1393748-80-5
RY785 is a selective inhibitor of Kv2.1 voltage-gated potassium channels (IC50 = 0.05 µM) that does not affect Cav2 calcium channels.
Vernakalant hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP45728 Vernakalant hydrochloride 748810-28-8
Vernakalant hydrochloride is a mixed voltage- and frequency-dependent Na+ and atria-preferred K+ channel blocker. IC50 for block by Vernakalant of wild-type and mutant Kv1.5 channels Fractional block is 13.35±0.93 μM, 0.61±0.03 μM, and 1.63±0.09 μM for Kv1.5 channelwt, Kv1.5 channelI508F, Kv1.5 channelT479A, respectively.
(+)-SJ733 Chemical Structure
BCP45645 (+)-SJ733 1424799-20-1
(+)-SJ733 is an inhibitor of plasmodium ATP4, leading to rapid clearance in vivo by inducing physical changes in infected, treated red cells.
MitMAB Chemical Structure
BCP45369 MitMAB 1119-97-7
MitMAB, an organic building block and cationic surfactant, is a dynamin inhibitor that inhibits the GTPase activity of dynamin I (Ki = 940 nM; IC50 = 3.1 μM).
SSD-114 Chemical Structure
BCP45225 SSD-114 554428-55-6
SSD114 is a novel GABAB receptor positive allosteric modulator.
Abeprazan hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP45059 Abeprazan hydrochloride 1902954-87-3
Abeprazan, also known as DWP14012, is an acid pump inhibitor.
Abeprazan Chemical Structure
BCP45049 Abeprazan 1902954-60-2
Abeprazan, also known as DWP14012, is an acid pump inhibitor.
EIPA Chemical Structure
BCP44873 EIPA 1154-25-2
EIPA is a selective blocker of Na+/H+ antiport.
Icenticaftor Chemical Structure
BCP21194 Icenticaftor 1334546-77-8
Icenticaftor (QBW251) is an orally active CFTR channel potentiator, with EC50s of 79 nM and 497 nM for F508del and G551D CFTR, respectively.
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