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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Verubulin Chemical Structure
BCP09127 Verubulin 827031-83-4
Verubulin, Radiation Therapy, and Temozolomide to Treat Patients With Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme.
Ombrabulin Chemical Structure
BCP07754 Ombrabulin 181816-48-8
Ombrabulin is a synthetic water-soluble analogue of combretastatin A4, derived from the South African willow bush (Combretum caffrum), with potential vascular-disrupting and antineoplastic activities.
AZD-6126 Chemical Structure
BCP04084 AZD-6126 219923-05-4
AZD6126 was being investigated by AstraZeneca as a VDA (vascular disrupting agent).AZD-6126 is an angiogenesis inhibitor and tubulin inhibitor potentially for the treatment of solid tumours.
BNC105P Chemical Structure
BCP04200 BNC105P 945771-96-0
BNC105P is a benzofuran-based vascular disrupting agent (VDA) prodrug with potential anti-vascular and antineoplastic activities.
BNC105 Chemical Structure
BCP19547 BNC105 945771-74-4
BNC105 is a tubulin polymerization inhibitor with potent antiproliferative and tumor vascular disrupting properties.
Verteporfin Chemical Structure
BCP04238 Verteporfin 129497-78-5
Verteporfin, a benzoporphyrin derivative, is a medication used as a photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy.
Plinabulin Chemical Structure
BCP02849 Plinabulin 714272-27-2
NPI-2358 (Plinabulin) is a novel vascular disrupting agent (VDA) with an IC50 of 15 nM against HT-29 cells.
DMXAA Chemical Structure
BCP01949 DMXAA 117570-53-3
DMXAA is a vascular disrupting agents (VDA) and competitive inhibitor of DT-diaphorase with Ki of 20 μM and IC50 of 62.5 μM in cell-free assays, respectively.