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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Bractoppin Chemical Structure
BCP48934 Bractoppin 2290527-07-8
Bractoppin is a potent and selective drug-like inhibitor of phosphopeptide recognition by the human BRCA1 tandem(t) BRCT domain (binding IC50: 74 nM). Bractoppin diminishes BRCA1 recruitment to DNA breaks, in turn suppressing damage-induced G2 arrest and assembly of the recombinase, RAD51. Bractoppin preferentially inhibits BRCA1 tBRCT-dependent steps in the DNA damage response.
RAD51-IN-17 Chemical Structure
BCP44339 RAD51-IN-17 2101739-18-6
RAD51-IN-17 is a derivative of B02 and a potent inhibitor of RAD51.
RI-2 Chemical Structure
BCP15320 RI-2 1417162-36-7
RI-2 is a reversible inhibitor of RAD51 (IC50 = 44.2 μM), a protein that is central to the homologous recombination process initiated upon DNA double-strand breaks and is often overexpressed in a wide range of human cancer cell types.
RAD51 Inhibitor B02 Chemical Structure
BCP19688 RAD51 Inhibitor B02 1290541-46-6
RAD51 Inhibitor B02 (B02) is an inhibitor of human RAD51 with an IC50 of 27.4 μM.
RI-1 Chemical Structure
BCP08293 RI-1 415713-60-9
RI-1 is a RAD51 inhibitor with IC50 ranging from 5 to 30 μM.
RS-1 Chemical Structure
BCP18095 RS-1 312756-74-4
RS-1 is an activator of DNA repair protein RAD51 (Kd = 48-107 for human RAD51 with different cofactors present).
Garmin Chemical Structure
BCP09794 Garmin 442-51-3
Harmine, a tricyclic b-carboline alkaloid that was originally isolated from seeds of Peganum harmala, has been reported to possess anxiolytic, behavioral effects.
T0070907 Chemical Structure
BCP08553 T0070907 313516-66-4
Potent and selective PPARγ antagonist (IC50 = 1 nM).