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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
GSK9772 Chemical Structure
BCP24282 GSK9772 928035-84-1
GSK9772 is a novel potent transrepression-selective liver X receptor modulator with anti-inflammatory activity.
DMHCA Chemical Structure
BCP49028 DMHCA 79066-03-8
DMHCA is a gene-selective LXR modulator that mediates potent transcriptional activation of ABCA1 gene expression.
GSK 2033 Chemical Structure
BCP39540 GSK 2033 1221277-90-2
GSK2033 is a LXR antagonist with pIC50s of 7 and 7.4 for LXRα or LXRβ, respectively.
LXRβ agonist-2 Chemical Structure
BCP42686 LXRβ agonist-2 1949801-52-8
LXRβ agonist-2 is a highly potent and β-selective liver X receptor (LXRβ) agonist with EC50 of 7 nM.
RGX-104 Chemical Structure
BCP31854 RGX-104 610318-54-2
RGX-104 is an orally bioavailable and potent liver-X nuclear hormone receptor (LXR) agonist that modulates innate immunity via transcriptional activation of the ApoE gene.
RGX-104 HCl Chemical Structure
BCP29451 RGX-104 HCl 610318-03-1
RGX-104 is a small-molecule LXR agonist that modulates innate immunity via transcriptional activation of the ApoE gene.
BMS-779788 Chemical Structure
BCP20751 BMS-779788 918348-67-1
BMS-779788 is a LXR partial agonist with IC50 values of 68 nM for LXRα and 14 nM for LXRβ.
BMS-852927 Chemical Structure
BCP23542 BMS-852927 1256918-39-4
BMS-852927 is an LXRβ-selective agonist.
AZ-876 Chemical Structure
BCP19166 AZ-876 898800-26-5
AZ876 is a novel high-affinity LXR agonist. AZ876 was 25-fold and 2.5-fold more potent than GW3965 (HY-10627) on human (h)LXRα and hLXRβ respectively.
SR-9243 Chemical Structure
BCP15765 SR-9243 1613028-81-1
SR9243 is a liver-X-receptor (LXR) inverse agonist that induces LXR-corepressor interaction.
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