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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Odiparcil Chemical Structure
BCP49255 Odiparcil 137215-12-4
Odiparcil is a novel thrombin inhibitor as a beta-d-thioxyloside analog .
NQ-301 Chemical Structure
BCP24908 NQ-301 130089-98-4
NQ301 is an antithrombotic agent; inhibits collagen-challenged rabbit platelet aggregation with an IC50 of 10 mg/mL.
Heparin calcium Chemical Structure
BCP25407 Heparin calcium 37270-89-6
Heparin calcium is an injection form of heparin, a sulfated polysaccharide that has been used as a life-saving anticoagulant in clinics well before its detailed structure was known.
Heparin sodium Chemical Structure
BCP25408 Heparin sodium 9041-08-1
Heparin sodium, as as anti-coagulants, belongs to a class of glucans, which can interact with a variety of proteins to produce a variety of biological activities. Heparin sodium is routinely use for preventing the deep venous thrombosis in medical and surgical patients.
AEBSF hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP32155 AEBSF hydrochloride 30827-99-7 
AEBSF hydrochloride is an irreversible inhibitor of serine proteases, such as chymotrypsin, kallikrein, plasmin, thrombin, and trypsin.
Dabigatran Ethyl Ester Hydrochloride Salt Chemical Structure
BCP12570 Dabigatran Ethyl Ester Hydrochloride Salt 211914-50-0
Dabigatran Ethyl Ester Hydrochloride Salt is a derivative of Dabigatran, acting as nonpeptide, direct thrombin inhibitor.
Melagatran Chemical Structure
BCP16010 Melagatran 159776-70-2
Melagatran is a synthetic thrombin inhibitor. Thrombin mutant anticoagulant antagonist. Antithrombotic.
Vorapaxar Chemical Structure
BCP08286 Vorapaxar 618385-01-6
Vorapaxar, also known as SCH 530348, is a thrombin receptor (protease-activated receptor, PAR-1) antagonist based on the natural product himbacine.
D-PHE-PIP-ARG-PNA Chemical Structure
BCP18445 D-PHE-PIP-ARG-PNA 115388-96-0
Thrombin substrates are often cleaved as well by trypsin and trypsin-like enzymes, e.g. I-1365, I-1560, J-1120, and L-1150. Chromogenic substrate specific for thrombin but insensitive to factor Xa.
Argatroban Chemical Structure
BCP06831 Argatroban 74863-84-6
Argatroban is a direct, selective thrombin inhibitor.
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