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Gamma secretase

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Gamma secretase

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Nirogacestat Chemical Structure
BCP24479 Nirogacestat 1290543-63-3
Nirogacestat is a potent and selective gamma secretase (GS) inhibitor with potential antitumor activity. PF-03084014 binds to GS, blocking proteolytic activation of Notch receptors. Nirogacestat enhances the Antitumor Effect of Docetaxel in Prostate Cancer. Nirogacestat enhances docetaxel-mediated tumor response and provides a rationale to explore GSIs as adjunct therapy in conjunction with docetaxel for men with CRPC (castration-resistant prostate cancer).
Begacestat Chemical Structure
BCP46406 Begacestat 769169-27-9
Begacestat is a selective thiophene sulfonamide amyloid precursor protein gamma-secretase inhibitor (Aβ40,IC50=15 nM),and for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
MRK 560 Chemical Structure
BCP43170 MRK 560 677772-84-8
MRK-560 is an orally bioavailable gamma-secretase inhibitor with the ability to markedly reduce Abeta peptide in the brain and CSF of the rat and confirm the utility of the rat for assessing the effects of gamma-secretase inhibitors on central nervous system Abeta(40) levels in vivo.
LY-411575 (isomer 1) Chemical Structure
BCP43166 LY-411575 (isomer 1) 209984-58-7
LY-411575 isomer 1 is an isomer of LY411575, which is a potent γ-secretase inhibitor.
CHF 5074 Chemical Structure
BCP30410 CHF 5074 749269-83-8
CHF5074 is a novel γ-secretase modulator, reduces Aβ42 and Aβ40 secretion, with an IC50 of 3.6 and 18.4 μM, respectively.
PF-03084014 Chemical Structure
BCP28117 PF-03084014 865773-15-5
PF-3084014 is a reversible, noncompetitive, and selective γ-secretase inhibitor with IC50 of 6.2 nM.
LY900009 Chemical Structure
BCP27986 LY900009 209984-68-9
LY900009 is a small molecule inhibitor of Notch signalling via selective inhibition of the γ-secretase protein.
BMS299897 Chemical Structure
BCP06241 BMS299897 290315-45-6
BMS-299897 markedly reduced both brain and plasma Abeta in APP-YAC mice with ED(50) values of 86 and 22 mg/kg per os (po), respectively.
Gamma-Secretase Modulators Chemical Structure
BCP12943 Gamma-Secretase Modulators 937812-80-1
Gamma-Secretase Modulators (Amyloid-β production inhibitor) is a Amyloid-β production inhibitor. Gamma-Secretase Modulators is useful for Alzheimer's disease.
NGP-555 Chemical Structure
BCP25746 NGP-555 1304630-27-0
NGP555 is a γ-secretase modulator.
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