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p38 MAPK

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
(S)-(-)-PH-797804 Chemical Structure
BCP49370 (S)-(-)-PH-797804 1358027-80-1
PH-797804 is a ATP-competitive, selective p38α/p38β inhibitor (IC50=26 nM and Ki=5.8 nM for p38α; Ki=40 nM for p38β) and does not inhibit JNK2.
Exarafenib Chemical Structure
BCP49200 Exarafenib 2639957-39-2
Exarafenib is an antineoplastic. Exarafenib has anticancer activity by suppression of downstream MAPK pathway signaling.
FR 167653 sulfate Chemical Structure
BCP25927 FR 167653 sulfate 158876-66-5
FR-167653 is a selective p38 MAPK inhibitor.
p38-α MAPK inhibitor 1 Chemical Structure
BCP48493 p38-α MAPK inhibitor 1 443913-15-3
p38-α MAPK-IN-1 is an inhibitor of MAPK14 (p38-α), with IC50 of 2300 nM in EFC displacement assay, and 5500 nM in HTRF assay.
SM-7368 Chemical Structure
BCP46452 SM-7368 380623-76-7
SM-7368 inhibits TNF-alpha-induced MMP-9 upregulation in a concentration-dependent manner. SM-7368 strongly inhibits the TNF-alpha-induced invasion of HT1080 human fibrosarcoma cell line.
SB-747651A Chemical Structure
BCP46274 SB-747651A 607372-46-3
SB-747651A is a specific mitogen- and stress-activated kinase 1 (MSK1) inhibitor. SB-747651A can be used for the research of inflammation.
SB-747651A dihydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP46273 SB-747651A dihydrochloride 1781882-72-1
SB-747651A dihydrochloride is a potent MSK1 inhibitor; also inhibiting other AGC group kinases.
PF-05381941 Chemical Structure
BCP45842 PF-05381941 1474022-02-0
PF-05381941 is a novel potent dual TAK1/p38a inhibitor.
AZD7624 Chemical Structure
BCP37429 AZD7624 1095004-78-6
AZD7624 is an inhaled p38 inhibitor, with potent anti-inflammatory activity.
MW-150 Chemical Structure
BCP34874 MW-150 1628502-91-9
MW-150 is a novel potent, selective, CNS penetrant and orally active inhibitor of p38α MAPK with Ki of 101 nM
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