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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Sulconazole Chemical Structure
BCP46740 Sulconazole 61318-90-9
Sulconazole is a potent antifungal agent in the imidazole class. Sulconazole blocks the NF-κB/IL-8 signaling pathway and CSC (Cancer stem cells) formation. Sulconazole inhibits tumor growth, and can be used for breast cancer research.
Apramycin Chemical Structure
BCP46654 Apramycin 37321-09-8
Apramycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic produced by Streptomyces tenebrarius. Apramycin has a broad antibacterial spectrum and has a strong effect on both Gram-positive and negative bacteria.
AZD-5099 Chemical Structure
BCP46609 AZD-5099 907543-25-3
AZD-5099 is a DNA gyrase modulator potentially for the treatment of bacterial infection.
Phleomycin D1 Chemical Structure
BCP46598 Phleomycin D1 11031-11-1
Phleomycin D1 (PLM D1), a glycopeptide antibiotic, is a member of the Bleomycin/Phleomycin family. Phleomycin D1 causes cell death by binding and cleaving DNA.
Mafenide Chemical Structure
BCP46569 Mafenide 138-39-6
Mafenide is a sulfonamide-type antimicrobial agent used to treat severe burns. It acts by reducing the bacterial population present in the burn tissue and promotes healing of deep burns.
Myriocin Chemical Structure
BCP46480 Myriocin 35891-70-4
Myriocin is an unsaturated hydrocarbon and fatty acid derivative produced by Myriococcum albomyces NRRL 3858. It has antifungal activity.
PP7 Chemical Structure
BCP46514 PP7 433238-84-7
PP7 is a potent PB1-PB2 interaction inhibitor with an IC50 of 8.6 μM, and their inhibition against viral polymerase activity (IC50=9.5 μM).
RO-9187 Chemical Structure
BCP46487 RO-9187 876708-03-1
RO-9187 is a potent inhibitor of HCV virus replication with an IC50 of 171 nM.
Azidamfenicol Chemical Structure
BCP46271 Azidamfenicol 13838-08-9
Azidamfenicol is a broad-spectrum chloramphenicol-like antibiotic. Azidamfenicol inhibits ribosomal peptidyltransferase (Ki=22 µM).
Bersacapavir Chemical Structure
BCP46251 Bersacapavir 1638266-40-6
Bersacapavir, also known as JNJ-6379, JNJ-56136379, or JNJ-379, a capsid assembly modulator that blocks hepatitis B virus (HBV) replication.
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