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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
SCH 79797 dihydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP46793 SCH 79797 dihydrochloride 1216720-69-2
SCH79797 dihydrochloride is a potent, selective non-peptide PAR1 receptor antagonist (IC50 = 70 nM). Inhibits haTRAP-induced- but not γ-thrombin-, ADP- or collagen-induced human platelet aggregation. Also selectively blocks PAR1 agonist- or thrombin-induced increases in cytosolic Ca2+ in vascular smooth muscle cells.
TRAP-6 Chemical Structure
BCP34232 TRAP-6 141136-83-6
TRAP-6, a peptide compound, has been found to be a PAR1 agonist and could also influence the phosphorylation of rapid phosphodiesterase 3A in the positive way.
I-191 Chemical Structure
BCP32684 I-191 1690172-25-8
I-191 is a potent, selective protease-activated receptor 2 (PAR2) antagonist.
SCH 79797 Chemical Structure
BCP21206 SCH 79797 245520-69-8
SCH-79797 is a potent and selective PAR1 antagonist.
AC-264613 Chemical Structure
BCP25509 AC-264613 1051487-82-1
AC-264613 is a novel potent, selective protease-activated receptor PAR2 agonist with potencies ranging from 30-100 nM.
Atopaxar Chemical Structure
BCP05973 Atopaxar 751475-53-3;943239-67-6
Atopaxar, also known as E5555, is a potent and orally-active PAR-1 inhibitor.
Atopaxar hydrobromide Chemical Structure
BCP25405 Atopaxar hydrobromide 474550-69-1
Atopaxar hydrobromide is a potent, reversible PAR-1 antagonist with IC50 of 19 nM.
AZ 3451 Chemical Structure
BCP29277 AZ 3451 2100284-59-9
AZ 3451 is a potent, and selective PAR2 antagonist with Kd of 13.5 nM; shows excellent selectivity over PAR1 and PAR4 (>50 uM).
ML 161 Chemical Structure
BCP08413 ML 161 423735-93-7
ML-161 is an allosteric inhibitor of PAR1.
FR171113 Chemical Structure
BCP18806 FR171113 173904-50-2
FR 171113 is a protease-activated receptor 1 (PAR1) antagonist displaying significant antiplatelet activity in vitro.
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