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Histone Acetyltransferase

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Histone Acetyltransferase

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
TH 1834 Chemical Structure
BCP45747 TH 1834 2108830-08-4
TH1834 is a novel potent specific histone acetyltransferaseTip60 inhibitor.
TTK21 Chemical Structure
BCP37892 TTK21 709676-56-2
TTK21 is an activator of CBP/p300 histone acetyltransferase activity that activates CBP/p300 histone acetyltransferase activity in a concentration-dependent manner.
P300/CBP-IN-3 Chemical Structure
BCP34907 P300/CBP-IN-3 2299226-01-8
P300/CBP-IN-3, a p300/CBP histone acetyltransferase inhibitor, Compound 6, is sourced from patent WO 2019049061 A1.
GSK4027 Chemical Structure
BCP25140 GSK4027 2079896-25-4
GSK 4027 is a chemical probe for the PCAF/GCN5 bromodomain with an pIC50 of 7.4±0.11 for PCAF in a time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) assay.
WM-1119 Chemical Structure
BCP29433 WM-1119 2055397-28-7
WM-1119 is a highly potent, selective inhibitor of lysine acetyltransferase KAT6A with Kd of 2 nM, shows greate bioavailability and specificity for KAT6A than WM-8014.
YF-2 Chemical Structure
BCP30850 YF-2 1311423-89-8
YF2 is a First-in-Class Histone Acetyltransferase (HAT) Activators for Precision Targeting of Epigenetic Derangements in Lymphoma.
NSC228155 Chemical Structure
BCP30383 NSC228155 113104-25-9
NSC228155 is an inhibitor of KIX-KID interaction that acts by enhancing tyrosine phosphorylation of EGFR.
MOZ-IN-2 Chemical Structure
BCP29432 MOZ-IN-2 2055397-88-9
MOZ-IN-2 is an inhibitor of protein MOZ, a member of histone acetyltransferases, with an IC50 of 125 μM.
Remodelin Chemical Structure
BCP11087 Remodelin 949912-58-7
Remodelin is a novel potent and selective inhibitor of the acetyl-transferase protein NAT10.
Remodelin hydrobromide Chemical Structure
BCP19055 Remodelin hydrobromide 1622921-15-6
Remodelin HBr salt is a novel potent and selective inhibitor of the acetyl-transferase protein NAT10.
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