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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Oxaliplatin Chemical Structure
BCP22716 Oxaliplatin 61825-94-3
Oxaliplatin inhibits DNA synthesis by conforming DNA adducts.
Carboplatin Chemical Structure
BCP22717 Carboplatin 41575-94-4
Carboplatin is an antitumor agent, with DNA-binding activity, interfering with duplication of DNA.
Chlorpropamide Chemical Structure
BCP09162 Chlorpropamide 94-20-2
Chlorpropamide is a sulfonylurea class drug for type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Tesmilifene Chemical Structure
BCP09123 Tesmilifene 98774-23-3
Tesmilifene is a novel potentiator of chemotherapy which, when added to doxorubicin, achieved an unexpected and very large survival advantage over doxorubicin alone in a randomized trial in advanced breast cancer.
Mosapride citrate Chemical Structure
BCP08880 Mosapride citrate 112885-42-4
Mosapride Citrate is a 5-HT4 receptor agonist.
Glipizide Chemical Structure
BCP09195 Glipizide 29094-61-9
Glipizide is used to treat high blood sugar levels caused by a type of diabetes mellitus called type 2 diabetes.
Revaprazan Hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP09645 Revaprazan Hydrochloride 178307-42-1
Revaprazan Hydrochloride is a drug that reduces gastric acid secretion which is used for the treatment of gastritis.
Topotecan HCl Chemical Structure
BCP00930 Topotecan HCl 119413-54-6
Topotecan is a topoisomerase I inhibitor for MCF-7 Luc cells and DU-145 Luc cells with IC50 of 13 nM and 2 nM, respectively.
Temozolomide Chemical Structure
BCP03692 Temozolomide 85622-93-1
Temozolomide is a DNA-methylating agent. Temozolomide is an alkylating cytostatic drug.
D-Ribose Chemical Structure
BCP04566 D-Ribose 50-69-1
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