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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
HPK1-IN-22 Chemical Structure
BCP35846 HPK1-IN-22 2380300-79-6
HPK1-IN-22 is a hematopoietic progenitor kinase 1 (HPK1) inhibitor with an IC50 less than 10 nM based on the phosphorylation inhibition of MBP protein.
(S)-(-)-PH-797804 Chemical Structure
BCP49370 (S)-(-)-PH-797804 1358027-80-1
PH-797804 is a ATP-competitive, selective p38α/p38β inhibitor (IC50=26 nM and Ki=5.8 nM for p38α; Ki=40 nM for p38β) and does not inhibit JNK2.
Exarafenib Chemical Structure
BCP49200 Exarafenib 2639957-39-2
Exarafenib is an antineoplastic. Exarafenib has anticancer activity by suppression of downstream MAPK pathway signaling.
Vemurafenib-Analog Chemical Structure
BCP27823 Vemurafenib-Analog 918505-61-0
Vemurafenib-Analog is a potent BRAF inhibitor and the isomer of Vemurafenib.
JNK-IN-8 Chemical Structure
BCP24633 JNK-IN-8 1644498-56-5
JNK-IN-8 is a potent JNK inhibitor with IC50s of 4.7 nM, 18.7 nM, and 1 nM for JNK1, JNK2, and JNK3, respectively.
APS-2-79 Chemical Structure
BCP24938 APS-2-79 2002381-25-9
APS-2-79 is a KSR-dependent MEK antagonist. APS-2-79 inhibits ATPbiotin binding to KSR2 within the KSR2-MEK1 complexe with an IC50 of 120 nM. APS-2-79 makes the stabilization of the KSR inactive state antagonizes oncogenic Ras-MAPK signaling.
SR15006 Chemical Structure
BCP48958 SR15006 2505001-54-5
SR15006 is a inhibitor of Krüppel-like factor 5 (KLF5) with an IC50 of 41.6 nM in DLD-1/pGL4.18hKLF5p cells.
ASK1-IN-2 Chemical Structure
BCP48906 ASK1-IN-2 2541792-70-3
ASK1-IN-2 is a potent and orally active inhibitor of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1), with an IC50 of 32.8 nM.
FR 167653 sulfate Chemical Structure
BCP25927 FR 167653 sulfate 158876-66-5
FR-167653 is a selective p38 MAPK inhibitor.
Selumetinib sulfate Chemical Structure
BCP36547 Selumetinib sulfate 943332-08-9
Selumetinib Sulfate is the sulfate salt of selumetinib, an orally active, small molecule with potential antineoplastic activity.
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