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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Gibberellin A34 Chemical Structure
BCP48601 Gibberellin A34 32630-92-5
Gibberellin A34 is a natural product found in Picea abies, Cucumis melo, and other organisms with data available.
Larotaxel intermediate(A-3) Chemical Structure
BCP48592 Larotaxel intermediate(A-3) 156294-33-6
Docetaxel Impurity 46 Chemical Structure
BCP48591 Docetaxel Impurity 46 157240-36-3
Doxorubicin Impurity 33 Chemical Structure
BCP48500 Doxorubicin Impurity 33 80948-70-5
Doxorubicin Impurity 33 is an impurity of Doxorubicin, which is an anthracycline antibiotic with anti-Gram-positive bacterial activity and a broad antitumor spectrum.
L-Valine-d8 Chemical Structure
BCP48488 L-Valine-d8 35045-72-8
L-valine-d8 is a L-valine and a deuterated compound.
Guanosine Impurity 4 Disodium Salt Chemical Structure
BCP48486 Guanosine Impurity 4 Disodium Salt 852155-68-1
Dienogest Impurity D Chemical Structure
BCP48473 Dienogest Impurity D 190662-30-7
Dibenzoyl thiamine Chemical Structure
BCP48406 Dibenzoyl thiamine 299-88-7
Dibenzoyl Thiamine (Bentiamine), a derivative of thiamine, is rapidly absorbed into the body and converted to thiamine.
Edoxaban Impurity 80 Chemical Structure
BCP48386 Edoxaban Impurity 80 139893-81-5
Tacrolimus open ring Impurity Chemical Structure
BCP48363 Tacrolimus open ring Impurity 144432-23-5
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