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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Ninerafaxstat 3HCl Chemical Structure
BCP49659 Ninerafaxstat 3HCl 2311824-72-1
Ninerafaxstat trihydrochloride shifts cellular metabolism to glucose oxidation from fatty acid oxidation. Ninerafaxstat trihydrochloride improves overall mitochondrial respiration and reduces fatty acid oxidation, thereby inhibiting the proliferation and growth of cancer cells.
ZK53 Chemical Structure
BCP49658 ZK53 3031789-26-8
ZK53 is a selective and potent activator of mitochondrial casein hydrolase protease P (HsClpP).ZK53 induces apoptosis and inhibits the hydrolysis of alpha-casein by HsClpP.ZK53 inhibits tumour growth in xenografts and native mouse models.
BMS-502 Chemical Structure
BCP49646 BMS-502 2407854-18-4
BMS-502 is a potent dual inhibitor of diacylglycerol kinase (DGK) α and ζ with IC50 of 4.6 nM and 2.1 nM.
SI113 Chemical Structure
BCP49628 SI113 1392816-46-4
SI113 is a SGK1 inhibitor, with an IC50 of 600 nM. SI113 induces autophagy.
5-LOX-IN-1 Chemical Structure
BCP49611 5-LOX-IN-1 55040-82-9
5-LOX-IN-1 is an inhibitor of human 5-Lipoxygenase (5-LOX) with an IC50 value of 2.3 μM.
hCAIX-IN-5 Chemical Structure
BCP49610 hCAIX-IN-5 2451479-57-3
hCAIX-IN-5 is a potent and selective hCAIX inhibitor with KIs of >10000, >10000, 130.7, 829.1 nM for hCAI, hCAII, hCAIV, hCAIX, respectively.
Lonodelestat Chemical Structure
BCP49598 Lonodelestat 906547-89-5
Lonodelestat (POL6014) is a potent, orally active and selective peptide inhibitor of human neutrophil elastase (hNE).
BAY-179 Chemical Structure
BCP49597 BAY-179 2764880-87-5
BAY-179 is a potent, selective, and species cross-reactive OXPHOS complex I inhibitor.
Cbl-b-IN-3 Chemical Structure
BCP49568 Cbl-b-IN-3 2573775-59-2
Cbl-b-IN-3 is a casitas B-lineage lymphoma proto-oncogene-b (Cbl-b) inhibitor with an IC50 of < 1 nM.
ASC-42 Chemical Structure
BCP49481 ASC-42 ASC-42
ASC 42 is a selective, non-steroidal, potent Farnesoid X Receptor (FXR) agonist.
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