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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
MF094 Chemical Structure
BCP45453 MF094 2241025-68-1
MF-094 is a potent and selective USP30 inhibitor. MF-094 increases protein ubiquitination and accelerates mitophagy.
GNE-6776 Chemical Structure
BCP45102 GNE-6776 2009273-71-4
GNE-6776 is a novel potent, specific, non-covalent, orally bioavailable USP7 inhibitor with IC50 of 1.34 uM .
GNE-6640 Chemical Structure
BCP41857 GNE-6640 2009273-60-1
GNE-6776 is a potent and non-covalent USP7 inhibitor with IC50 of 1.34 uM. GNE-6776 targets cellular USP7, MDM2, and p53 signalling pathways, and induces tumor cell death.
XL177A Chemical Structure
BCP40918 XL177A 2417089-74-6
XL177A is a potent USP7 inhibitor.
HBX19818 Chemical Structure
BCP40268 HBX19818 1426944-49-1
HBX19818 is a selective inhibitor of USP7.
IU1-47 Chemical Structure
BCP39981 IU1-47 670270-31-2
IU1-47 is a potent and selective inhibitor of USP14.
EOAI3402143 Chemical Structure
BCP32727 EOAI3402143 1699750-95-2
EOAI3402143 is a deubiquitinase (DUB) inhibitor, which inhibits dose-dependently inhibits Usp9x/Usp24 and Usp5.
FT-671 Chemical Structure
BCP31908 FT-671 1959551-26-8
FT671 is a potent and selective USP7 inhibitor with high affinity and specificity in vitro and within human cells.
SJB3-019A Chemical Structure
BCP31485 SJB3-019A 2070015-29-9
SJB3-019A is a USP1 inhibitor.
GNE-6640 Chemical Structure
BCP31358 GNE-6640 2009273-67-8
GNE-6640 is a novel selective USP7 inhibitor, inducing tumor cell death. GNE-6640 enhances cytotoxicity with chemotherapeutic agents and targeted compounds, including PIM kinase inhibitors.
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