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OX Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
YNT-185 Chemical Structure
BCP49126 YNT-185 1804978-81-1
YNT-185 is a nonpeptide, selective orexin type-2 receptor (OX2R) agonist, with EC50s of 0.028 and 2.75 μM for OX2R and OX1R, respectively.
Seltorexant Chemical Structure
BCP38147 Seltorexant 1293281-49-8
Seltorexant, also known as JNJ-42847922 and MIN-202, is a selective orexin-2 receptor antagonist that has been shown to promote sleep in various species.
IPSU Chemical Structure
BCP30190 IPSU 1373765-19-5
IPSU is a selective, orally available and brain penetrant OX2R antagonist with a pKi of 7.85.
DORA-22 Chemical Structure
BCP30189 DORA-22 1088991-95-0
DORA-22 is a dual orexin receptor antagonist.
EMPA Chemical Structure
BCP23952 EMPA 680590-49-2
EMPA is a selective antagonist of the OX2 receptor, with 900-fold selectivity in binding for OX2 over OX1.[
SB-334867 Chemical Structure
BCP28004 SB-334867 792173-99-0
SB-334867 free base is a selective non-peptide orexin OX1 receptor antagonist with a pKb value of 7.2.
SB649868 Chemical Structure
BCP28747 SB649868 380899-24-1
SB649868, also known as GSK-649868, is an orexin receptor antagonist potentially for the treatment of insomnia and sleep disorder.
MK4305 Chemical Structure
BCP03512 MK4305 1030377-33-3
Suvorexant (MK-4305) is a potent dual OX receptor antagonist with Ki of 0.55 nM and 0.35 nM for OX1 receptor and OX2 receptor, respectively. Phase 3.
Schisantherin A Chemical Structure
BCP15178 Schisantherin A 58546-56-8
Schisantherin A is a dibenzocyclooctadiene lignan isolated from the fruit of Schisandra sphenanthera. Schisantherin A inhibits p65-NF-κB translocation into the nucleus by IκBα degradation.
TCS 1102 Chemical Structure
BCP08369 TCS 1102 916141-36-1
TCS 1102 is a potent, dual orexin receptor antagonist (Ki values are 0.2 and 3 nM for OX2 and OX1 receptors respectively).
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