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Vasopressin Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Nelivaptan Chemical Structure
BCP43930 Nelivaptan 439687-69-1
Nelivaptan is a non-peptide vasopressin receptor antagonist that is selective for the V1B subtype.
RO5028442 Chemical Structure
BCP32628 RO5028442 920022-47-5
RO5028442 is a highly potent and selective brain-penetrant hV1a antagonist.
Felypressin Acetate Chemical Structure
BCP27701 Felypressin Acetate 56-59-7
Felypressin is a synthetic analog of LYPRESSIN with a PHENYLALANINE substitution at residue 2. Felypressin is a vasoconstrictor with reduced antidiuretic activity.
Relcovaptan Chemical Structure
BCP23753 Relcovaptan 150375-75-0
Relcovaptan is a selective non-peptide vasopressin V1A receptor antagonist.
OPC 21268 Chemical Structure
BCP14853 OPC 21268 131631-89-5
OPC-21268 is an orally effective, nonpeptide, vasopressin V1 receptor antagonist with an IC50 of 0.4 μM.
Balovaptan Chemical Structure
BCP28931 Balovaptan 1228088-30-9
Balovaptan, also known as RG7314, is a vasopressin receptor antagonist.
Lixivaptan Chemical Structure
BCP09167 Lixivaptan 168079-32-1
Lixivaptan is an AVP V2-receptor selective antagonist that increases water excretion and normalizes serum sodium levels.
Terlipressin Chemical Structure
BCP02061 Terlipressin 14636-12-5
Terlipressin is a potent vasoconstrictor that acts via V1 receptors on arteriolar smooth muscle cells.
Desmopressin Acetate Chemical Structure
BCP02067 Desmopressin Acetate 62288-83-9
Desmopressin acetate is the synthetic analogue of the antidiuretic hormone arginine vasopressin.
Desmopressin Chemical Structure
BCP12604 Desmopressin 16679-58-6
Desmopressin(DDAVP) is the synthetic analogue of the antidiuretic hormone arginine vasopressin.
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