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HIV Protease

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
GS-CA-1 Chemical Structure
BCP44793 GS-CA-1 2189684-45-3
GS-CA1 is a potent HIV capsid inhibitor for HIV inhibition.
Brecanavir Chemical Structure
BCP44630 Brecanavir 313682-08-5
Brecanavir is a tyrosyl-based arylsulfonamide inhibitor of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) protease.
TMC-310911 Chemical Structure
BCP44275 TMC-310911 1000287-05-7
TMC-310911 is an HIV protease inhibitor potentially for the treatment of HIV infection.
Acetylpepstatin Chemical Structure
BCP43342 Acetylpepstatin 28575-34-0
Acetyl Pepstatin is a high affinity aspartic protease inhibitor.
IMB-301 Chemical Structure
BCP40899 IMB-301 64009-84-3
IMB-301 is a small molecule inhibitor that target the binding interface of the HIV-1 Vif/hA3G complex, inhibits the replication of HIV-1 in H9 cells (IC50=8.63 uM).
Lenacapavir Chemical Structure
BCP40764 Lenacapavir 2189684-44-2
Lenacapavir, also known as GS-6207, is a HIV-1 capsid inhibitor.
PNU-103017 Chemical Structure
BCP36734 PNU-103017 166335-18-8
PNU-103017 is an HIV protease inhibitor.
JE-2147 Chemical Structure
BCP34046 JE-2147 186538-00-1
JE-2147 is a dipeptide HIV protease inhibitor (PI) that is effective against a wide spectrum of HIV-1, HIV-2, simian immunodeficiency virus, and various clinical HIV-1 strains in vitro.
Tipranavir Chemical Structure
BCP22007 Tipranavir 174484-41-4
Tipranavir is an HIV-1 protease inhibitor. It has a role as a HIV protease inhibitor and an antiviral drug.
Deuterated Atazanivir-D3-1 Chemical Structure
BCP03513 Deuterated Atazanivir-D3-1 1092540-56-1
Atazanivir-D3-2 is a azapeptide derivative and inhibits HIV protease.
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