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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Vimnerixin Chemical Structure
BCP24003 Vimnerixin 1418112-77-2
Vimnerixin is a CXC chemokine receptor type 2 agonist.
AZD8797 Chemical Structure
BCP25433 AZD8797 911715-90-7
AZD8797 is a non-competitive allosteric modulator of CX3CL1. It acts by binding CX3CR1 and effecting G-protein signalling and ß-arrestin recruitment in a biased way.
Mavorixafor trihydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP32916 Mavorixafor trihydrochloride 2309699-17-8
Mavorixafor trihydrochloride is a potent, selective and orally available CXCR4 antagonist, with an IC50 value of 13 nM against CXCR4 125I-SDF binding. It also inhibits the replication of T-tropic HIV-1 (NL4.3 strain) in MT-4 cells and PBMCs with IC50s of 1 and 9 nM, respectively.
ACT-1004-1239 Chemical Structure
BCP46165 ACT-1004-1239 2178049-58-4
ACT-1004-1239 is a potent, insurmountable antagonist.
ML339 Chemical Structure
BCP45761 ML339 2579689-83-9
ML-339 is a potent and selective hCXCR6 antagonist (IC50 = 140 nM).
ML 145 Chemical Structure
BCP45167 ML 145 1164500-72-4
ML 145 is a selective antagonist for the GPR35 orphan receptor GPCR (IC50 = 20.1 nM). Over 1000-fold more selective for GPR35 compared to GPR55 antagonists.
VUF11418 Chemical Structure
BCP37842 VUF11418 1414376-85-4
VUF11418 first reported nonpeptidomimetic agonist on The G protein-coupled chemokine receptor CXCR3.
VUF11207 fumarate Chemical Structure
BCP34887 VUF11207 fumarate 1785665-61-3
VUF11207 fumarate is a CXCR7 agonist and a high-potency CXCR7 (pKi of 8.1) ligand that induces recruitment of β-arrestin2 (pEC50 of 8.8) and subsequent internalization (pEC50 of 7.9) of CXCR7.
ALX 40-4C Chemical Structure
BCP34188 ALX 40-4C 143413-49-4
ALX 40-4C is a small peptide inhibitor of the chemokine receptor CXCR4, inhibits SDF-1 from binding CXCR4 with a Ki of 1 μM, and suppresses the replication of X4 strains of HIV-1; ALX 40-4C Trifluoroacetate also acts as an antagonist of the APJ receptor, with an IC50 of 2.9 μM.
NBI-74330 Chemical Structure
BCP34091 NBI-74330 855527-92-3
NBI-74330 is a small molecule antagonist for CXCR3
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