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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Phlorizin dihydrate Chemical Structure
BCP49110 Phlorizin dihydrate 7061-54-3
Phlorizin dihydrate can significantly inhibit oxidative DNA damage.
Enavogliflozin Chemical Structure
BCP48002 Enavogliflozin 1415472-28-4
Enavogliflozin, also known as DWP-16001, is an antidiabetic (hypoglycemic) agent. It is an orally active, best-in-class and selective sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT-2) inhibitor.
Licogliflozin Chemical Structure
BCP35901 Licogliflozin 1291094-73-9
Licogliflozin is a sodium glucose cotransporter (SGLT1 and SGLT2) inhibitor.
Mizagliflozin Chemical Structure
BCP35148 Mizagliflozin 666843-10-3
Mizagliflozin (DSP-3235, KGA-3235, GSK-1614235) is a potent, orally active and selective SGLT1 inhibitor, with a Ki of 27 nM for human SGLT1. Mizagliflozin displays 303-fold selectivity over SGLT2. Mizagliflozin is used as an antidiabetic drug that can modify postprandial blood glucose excursion. Mizagliflozin also exhibits potential in the amelioration of chronic constipation.
LX2761 Chemical Structure
BCP26031 LX2761 1610954-97-6
LX2761 is chemically stable and potent inhibitor against sodium-dependent glucose cotransporter 1 (SGLT1) and SGLT2 in vitro with IC50s of 2.2 nM and 2.7nM for hSGLT1 and hSGLT2, but displays specific SGLT1 inhibition in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
Sergliflozin Etabonate Chemical Structure
BCP09291 Sergliflozin Etabonate 408504-26-7
Sergliflozin etabonate is a SGLT-2 inhibitor potentially for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity.
Canagliflozin Hydrate Chemical Structure
BCP19353 Canagliflozin Hydrate 1809403-05-1
Canagliflozin hydrate is a glucoside-derived SODIUM-GLUCOSE TRANSPORTER 2 inhibitor that stimulates urinary excretion of glucose by suppressing renal glucose reabsorption.
Remogliflozin etabonate Chemical Structure
BCP16294 Remogliflozin etabonate 442201-24-3
Remogliflozin Etabonate is an orally available prodrug of remogliflozin, a benzylpyrazole glucoside-based inhibitor of renal sodium-glucose co-transporter subtype 2 (SGLT2) with antihyperglycemic activity.
Phlorizin Chemical Structure
BCP29914 Phlorizin 60-81-1
Phlorizin is a non-selective SGLT inhibitor with Kis of 300 and 39 nM for hSGLT1 and hSGLT2, respectively. Phlorizin is also a Na+/K+-ATPase inhibitor.
Luseogliflozin Chemical Structure
BCP20937 Luseogliflozin 898537-18-3
Luseogliflozin, also known as TS-71 and TS-071, is a potent and competitive inhibitor of sodium-dependent glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2 inhibitor).
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