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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
PC-14586 Chemical Structure
BCP49506 PC-14586 PC-14586
PC14586 targets p53 Y220C mutants to selectively reactivate p53.
Pifithrin-alpha, p-Nitro, Cyclic Chemical Structure
BCP25188 Pifithrin-alpha, p-Nitro, Cyclic 60477-38-5
Pifithrin-α, p-Nitro, Cyclic is cell-permeable and active-form p53 inhibitor.
NSC 146109 hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP48536 NSC 146109 hydrochloride 59474-01-0
NSC 146109 hydrochloride is a small-molecule p53 activator that target MDMX and can be used for breast cancer research. NSC 146109 hydrochloride is a pseudourea derivative, promotes breast cancer cells to undergo apoptosis through activating p53 and inducing expression of proapoptotic genes.
NiCur Chemical Structure
BCP46796 NiCur 63476-70-0
NiCur is an inhibitor of p53 with an IC50 value of 0.35 μM.
CP-31398 dihydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP43517 CP-31398 dihydrochloride 1217195-61-3
CP-31398 dihydrochloride stabilizes the active conformation of p53 and promotes p53 activity in cancer cell lines with mutant or wild-type p53.
PK11007 Chemical Structure
BCP32609 PK11007 874146-69-7
PK11007 is a mild thiol alkylator with anticancer activity. PK11007 stabilizes p53 via selective alkylation of two surface-exposed cysteines without compromising its DNA binding activity. PK11007 induces mutant p53 cancer cell death by increasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels.
(−)-Nutlin-3 Chemical Structure
BCP29278 (−)-Nutlin-3 548472-68-0
Nutlin 3 is a commercial available p53-MDM2 inhibitor, with Ki of 90 nM.
PK11007 Chemical Structure
BCP30143 PK11007 38275-34-2
PK11007 is a p53 targeting compound, has anti-tumor activities through activation of unstable p53.
Pifithrin-β hydrobromide Chemical Structure
BCP17578 Pifithrin-β hydrobromide 511296-88-1
Pifithrin-β is a potent p53 inhibitor with an IC50 of 23 μM.
CP 31398 Chemical Structure
BCP14611 CP 31398 259199-65-0
CP 31398 dihydrochloride is a potent activator of p53 with maximum tolerated dose of 400 ppm.
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