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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Platinum(IV) oxide hydrate Chemical Structure
BCP28003 Platinum(IV) oxide hydrate 52785-06-5
m-Carborane Chemical Structure
BCP25792 m-Carborane 16986-24-6
Manganese nitrate Chemical Structure
BCP25807 Manganese nitrate 10377-66-9
Manganese nitrate appears as a white crystalline solid. Denser than water. May ignite on contact with organic matter. Contact may irritate skin, eyes and mucous membranes. May be toxic by ingestion. Used to make other chemicals.
Potassium carbonate Chemical Structure
BCP25808 Potassium carbonate 584-08-7
Potassium carbonate is a potassium salt that is the dipotassium salt of carbonic acid. It has a role as a catalyst, a fertilizer and a flame retardant. It is a carbonate salt and a potassium salt.
Aluminum nitrate Chemical Structure
BCP25812 Aluminum nitrate 13473-90-0
Rhodium chloride, trihydrate Chemical Structure
BCP26055 Rhodium chloride, trihydrate 20765-98-4
Paraffin wax Chemical Structure
BCP29066 Paraffin wax 8002-74-2
Copper(I) iodide Chemical Structure
BCP29314 Copper(I) iodide 7681-65-4
Cuprous iodide Chemical Structure
BCP29325 Cuprous iodide 1335-23-5
Cobalt chloride hexahydrate Chemical Structure
BCP48551 Cobalt chloride hexahydrate 7791-13-1
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