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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Sudocetaxel Zendusortide Chemical Structure
BCP49436 Sudocetaxel Zendusortide 2473125-34-5
Sudocetaxel Zendusortide is a peptide-drug conjugate for the treatment of sortilin-positive (SORT1+) TNBC and Her2-positive breast cancers.
Sabizabulin Chemical Structure
BCP49206 Sabizabulin 1332881-26-1
Sabizabulin is a potent and orally active α and β tubulin inhibitor, which displays strong antiproliferative activity, with an average IC50 of 5.2 nM against panels of melanoma and prostate cancer cell lines. Sabizabulin suppresses tumor growth and metastatic phenotypes of cervical cancer cells via targeting HPV E6 and E7, and has potential for the treatment of prostate cancer.
Vindesine sulfate Chemical Structure
BCP28482 Vindesine sulfate 59917-39-4
Vindesine sulfate is an alkaloid sulfate salt. It has a role as an antineoplastic agent. It is functionally related to a vindesine.
Ethaboxam Chemical Structure
BCP28799 Ethaboxam 162650-77-3
Ethaboxam is a β-tubulin inhibitor registered for the control of oomycete pathogens.
SB-216 Chemical Structure
BCP46367 SB-216 2756818-39-8
SB-216 is a potent tubulin polymerization inhibitor.
Sovilnesib Chemical Structure
BCP46107 Sovilnesib 2410796-79-9
Sovilnesibum is a kinesin-like protein KIF18A inhibitor.
Leucomethylene blue Chemical Structure
BCP42937 Leucomethylene blue 613-11-6
Leucomethylene blue is a second-generation tau protein aggregation inhibitor currently in development for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and frontotemporal dementia.
OUN10989 HCl Chemical Structure
BCP42739 OUN10989 HCl 915413-40-0
OUN10989, an analogue compound of LP-261, is a Potent Antimitotic Agent.
OUN10989 Chemical Structure
BCP42738 OUN10989 915410-98-9
OUN10989, an analogue compound of LP-261, is a Potent Antimitotic Agent.
Parbendazole Chemical Structure
BCP39884 Parbendazole 14255-87-9
Parbendazole, a benzimidazole carbamat used as an antinematodal agent, is a potent inhibitor of microtubule assembly and functions.
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