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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Metrafenone Chemical Structure
BCP48585 Metrafenone 220899-03-6
Metrafenone is a fungicide with protectant and curative properties, it is used for the control of powdery mildew in cereals and grape vines.
Benalaxyl-M Chemical Structure
BCP48704 Benalaxyl-M 98243-83-5
Benalaxyl-M is an isomer of Benalaxyl, which is a fungicide.
Benalaxyl Chemical Structure
BCP48703 Benalaxyl 71626-11-4
Benalaxyl is widely applied as a fungicide during grape planting processing.
Imazethapyr Chemical Structure
BCP48627 Imazethapyr 81335-77-5
Imazethapyr is an aromatic carboxylic acid and a member of pyridines.
Mefentrifluconazole Chemical Structure
BCP48583 Mefentrifluconazole 1417782-03-6
Mefentrifluconazole, a new azole derivative, is a broad-spectrum antifungal agent. Mefentrifluconazole is a highly selective and orally active fungal CYP51 inhibitor (Kd= 0.5 nM).
Ochratoxin C Chemical Structure
BCP48208 Ochratoxin C 4865-85-4
Ochratoxin C is a natural product found in Aspergillus ochraceus with data available.
Boscalid Chemical Structure
BCP47866 Boscalid 188425-85-6
Boscalid is a fungicide belonging to the class of carboxamides. It has been used in agriculture to protect crops.
Pneumocandin E0 Chemical Structure
BCP38316 Pneumocandin E0 258510-42-8
Oteseconazole Chemical Structure
BCP47038 Oteseconazole 1340593-59-0
Oteseconazole (VT-1161) is an orally active anti-fungal agent, potently binds to and inhibits Candida albicans CYP51 (Kd, <39 nM), shows no obvious effect on human CYP51.
Quinoxyfen Chemical Structure
BCP46922 Quinoxyfen 124495-18-7
Quinoxyfen, a fungicide of the phenoxyquinoline class, is used to control powdery mildew, Uncinula necator (Schw.) Burr.
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