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BCP000649 CGP52411
Selective inhibitor of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) (IC50 = 0.3 ?M in vitro).
BCP000701 Pelitinib(EKB-569)
Pelitinib is a 3-cyanoquinoline pan-ErbB tyrosine kinase inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity.
BCP000720 OSI-420
An active O-desmethyl metabolite of Erlotinib which inhibits EGFR tyrosine kinase
BCP000750 BMS690514
BMS-690514 is a potent and selective inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), HER2, and HER4, as well as the VEGF receptor kinases.
BCP000845 WZ4002
BCP000862 PF299804
PF299804 is a potent, orally available, irreversible tyrosine kinase HER 1 (EGFR),
BCP000899 ARRY-334543
BCP000962 Chrysophanic acid
Chrysophanic acid (Chrysophanol) is a EGFR/mTOR pathway inhibitor. Chrysophanic acid (Chrysophanol) is a natural anthraquinone, has anticancer activity in EGFR-overexpressing SNU-C5 human colon cancer cells.
BCP000963 Mubritinib(TAK165)
Mubritinib (TAK-165) is a protein kinase inhibitor which was under development by Takeda for the treatment of cancer.
BCP000964 WZ3146
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