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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Y 39983 dihydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP18325 Y 39983 dihydrochloride 173897-44-4
Y-33075 dihydrochloride is a selective ROCK inhibitor derived from Y-27632, and is more potent than Y-27632, with an IC50 of 3.6 nM.
Fasudil Chemical Structure
BCP26821 Fasudil 103745-39-7
Fasudil, a Rho-kinase inhibitor, has been shown to reduce portal venous pressure in cirrhotic rats.
Fasudil hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP26351 Fasudil hydrochloride 105628-07-7
Fasudil Hydrochloride is a potent inhibitor of ROCK1, PKA, PKC, and MLCK with Kis of 0.33 μM, 1.0 μM, 9.3 μM and 55 μM, respectively.
BDP5290 Chemical Structure
BCP29732 BDP5290 1817698-21-7
BDP5290 is a potent inhibitor of both ROCK and MRCK with IC50s of 5 nM, 50 nM, 10 nM and 100 nM for ROCK1, ROCK2, MRCKα and MRCKβ, respectively.
Hydroxy-Fasudil Chemical Structure
BCP29679 Hydroxy-Fasudil 105628-72-6
Hydroxy-Fasudil is a metabolite of Fasudil, acting as a potent Rho-kinase inhibitor and vasodilator.
RKI-1313 Chemical Structure
BCP08342 RKI-1313 1342276-76-9
RKI-1313 Negative control for RKI-1447 (GLXC-05200) which is a potent inhibitor of the Rho-associated ROCK kinases with anti-invasive and antitumor activities in breast cancer.
Netarsudil mesylate Chemical Structure
BCP24703 Netarsudil mesylate 1422144-42-0
Netarsudil, also known as AR-11324, is a Rho-associated protein kinase inhibitor.
ZINC00881524 Chemical Structure
BCP25184 ZINC00881524 557782-81-7
ZINC00881524 is a ROCK inhibitor.
SAR407899 Chemical Structure
BCP20035 SAR407899 923359-38-0
SAR407899 is a selective, potent and ATP-competitive ROCK inhibitor.
(S)-H-1152 (hydrochloride) Chemical Structure
BCP16935 (S)-H-1152 (hydrochloride) 451462-58-1
H-1152, an isoquinolinesulfonamide derivative, is a more specific, stronger and membrane-permeable inhibitor of Rho-kinase with a Ki value of 1.6 nM, but poor inhibitor of other serine/threonine kinases.
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