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Androgen Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
YK-11 Chemical Structure
BCP23592 YK-11 1370003-76-1
YK11 is a partial agonist of androgen receptor, with osteogenic activity.
Androsterone sulfate  sodium crystalline Chemical Structure
BCP31685 Androsterone sulfate sodium crystalline 1852-41-1
Androstatrione Chemical Structure
BCP31686 Androstatrione 100024-35-9
BMS-564929 Chemical Structure
BCP21121 BMS-564929 627530-84-1
BMS-564929 is an androgen receptor (AR) agonist, binds to androgen receptor (AR) with a Ki of 2.11±0.16 nM.
Stanolone Chemical Structure
BCP22808 Stanolone 521-18-6
Androstanolone is a potent androgenic metabolite of testosterone. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is generated by a 5-alpha reduction of testosterone. Unlike testosterone, DHT cannot be aromatized to estradiol therefore DHT is considered a pure androgenic steroid.
Nilutamide Chemical Structure
BCP26617 Nilutamide 63612-50-0
Nilutamide is an Androgen Receptor Inhibitor. The mechanism of action of nilutamide is as an Androgen Receptor Antagonist.
Testosterone propionate Chemical Structure
BCP23359 Testosterone propionate 57-85-2
Testosterone Propionate is an efficient androgenic hormone for the treatment of low testosterone.
S 23 Chemical Structure
BCP30652 S 23 1010396-29-8
S 23 is an androgen receptor modulator.
Testrosterone undecanoate Chemical Structure
BCP10773 Testrosterone undecanoate 5949-55-0
Testosterone undecanoate is a synthetic androstane steroid and a derivative of testosterone.
RU-58841-myristate Chemical Structure
BCP30408 RU-58841-myristate 623563-63-3
RU 58841 is a specific androgen receptor antagonist or anti-androgen. RU 58841 (PSK-3841) has a dramatic effect on hair regrowth.
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