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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Debio 0932 Chemical Structure
BCP27980 Debio 0932 1061318-81-7
Debio 0932 is an orally active HSP90 inhibitor, with IC50s of 100 and 103 nM for HSP90α and HSP90β, respectively.
MC180295 Chemical Structure
BCP31053 MC180295 2237942-08-2
MC180295 is a potent and selective CDK9-Cyclin T1 inhibitor, with an IC50 of 5 nM, at least 22-fold more selective for CDK9 over other CDKs. MC180295 also inhibits GSK-3α and GSK-3β. MC180295 ((rel)-MC180295) has potent anti-tumor effect.
CW069 Chemical Structure
BCP27898 CW069 1594094-64-0
CW-069 is a novel and allosteric inhibitor of the microtubule motor protein HSET, it shows statistically significant selectivity over KSP.
GSK269962 Chemical Structure
BCP27824 GSK269962 850664-21-0
GSK269962 is a selective ROCK inhibitor with IC50 values of 1.6 and 6 nM for ROCK-I and ROCK-II, respectively. GSK269962 can become an alternative worth considering in OAB treatment.
Glycyl-H 1152 dihydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP27782 Glycyl-H 1152 dihydrochloride 913844-45-8
Glycyl-H 1152 dihydrochloride is a glycyl analog of the Rho-kinase inhibitor H 1152 dihydrochloride with an improved selectivity for ROCKII (IC50 = 0.0118, 2.35, 2.57, 3.26, > 10 and >10 μM for ROCKII, Aurora A, CAMKII, PKG, PKA and PKC, respectively).
TMCB Chemical Structure
BCP27716 TMCB 905105-89-7
TMCB is a dual-kinase inhibitor. It acts by inhibiting both casein kinase 2 (CK2) and extracellular-signal-regulated kinase 8 (ERK8).
Vinflunine Tartrate Chemical Structure
BCP27712 Vinflunine Tartrate 1201898-17-0
Vinflunine Tartrat is a new vinca alkaloid uniquely fluorinated with the properties of mitotic-arresting and tubulin-interacting activity.
GeA-69 Chemical Structure
BCP31007 GeA-69 2143475-98-1
GeA-69 is a novel selective allosteric inhibitor targeting macrodomain 2 of poly-adenosine-diphosphate-ribose polymerase 14.
BSI-401 Chemical Structure
BCP27642 BSI-401 142404-10-2
BSI-401 is a novel PARP-1 inhibitor with both oral bioavailability and strong antitumor potency.
GW843682X Chemical Structure
BCP27639 GW843682X 660868-91-7
GW843682X is a cell-permeable thiophene-benzimidazole compound that acts a selective PLK1 and PLK3 inhibitor with IC50s of 2.2 nM(PLK1) and 9.1 nM(PLK3).
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