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Dopamine Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
PD-168077 maleate Chemical Structure
BCP31168 PD-168077 maleate 630117-19-0
PD-168077 maleate is a selective dopamine D4 receptor agonist, with a Ki of 9 nM.
BHT 958 Chemical Structure
BCP27640 BHT 958 83718-64-3
B-HT 958 is a Dopamine D2 receptor agonist, α2-adrenoceptor partial agonist
Odapipam Chemical Structure
BCP27610 Odapipam 131796-63-9
Odapipam is a potent dopamine D1 antagonist.
Nepicastat HCl Chemical Structure
BCP06517 Nepicastat HCl 170151-24-3
Nepicastat (SYN-117) HCl is a potent and selective inhibitor of both bovine and human dopamine-β-hydroxylase with IC50 of 8.5 nM and 9 nM, with negligible affinity for twelve other enzymes and thirteen neurotransmitter receptors.
SKF 38393 hydrobromide Chemical Structure
BCP30804 SKF 38393 hydrobromide 20012-10-6
SKF 38393 hydrobromide is a selective dopamine D1-like receptor partial agonist (Ki = 1, ~ 0.5, ~ 150, ~ 5000 and ~ 1000 nM for D1, D5, D2, D3 and D4 receptors, respectively).
FAUC-365 Chemical Structure
BCP30764 FAUC-365 474432-66-1
FAUC-365 is a selective dopamine D3 receptor antagonist.
Metoclopramide Chemical Structure
BCP30761 Metoclopramide 364-62-5
Metoclopramide is a Dopamine-2 Receptor Antagonist. The mechanism of action of metoclopramide is as a Dopamine D2 Antagonist.
Chloro-APB HBr Chemical Structure
BCP30668 Chloro-APB HBr 74115-01-8
Chloro-APB HBr is a D1/D5 receptor full agonist.
ent Naxagolide Hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP21508 ent Naxagolide Hydrochloride 100935-99-7
ent Naxagolide is a S-isomer of Naxagolide.
Metopimazine Acid Chemical Structure
BCP15668 Metopimazine Acid 18182-00-8
Metopimazine Acid is the acid metabolite of Metopimazine.
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