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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
GDC0310 Chemical Structure
BCP25347 GDC0310 1788066-71-6
WP1015 Chemical Structure
BCP16671 WP1015 857064-40-5
Pinokalant Chemical Structure
BCP16816 Pinokalant 149759-26-2
Pinokalant is an inhibitor of receptor-activated nonselective cation currents in HL-60 cells.
SCG0928 Chemical Structure
BCP14642 SCG0928 1380316-05-1
NSC 247030 Chemical Structure
BCP20744 NSC 247030 114727-43-4
Dihydroethidium Chemical Structure
BCP15712 Dihydroethidium 104821-25-2
Dihydroethidium(Hydroethidine; PD-MY 003) is a superoxide indicator; exhibits blue-fluorescence in the cytosol until oxidized, where it intercalates within the cell's DNA, staining its nucleus a bright fluorescent red.
Metaclazepam Chemical Structure
BCP19109 Metaclazepam 84031-17-4
Metaclazepam is a relatively selective anxiolytic with less sedative or muscle relaxant properties than other benzodiazepines such as diazepam or bromazepam.
Diethylnorspermine HCl Chemical Structure
BCP19157 Diethylnorspermine HCl 156886-85-0
Diethylnorspermine, also known as DENSPM, is a potent inducer of spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase, is able to increase enzyme activity 200-1000 fold.
GDC046 Chemical Structure
BCP20670 GDC046 1258292-64-6
GDC046 is a potent lead analog with good kinase selectivity, physicochemical properties, and pharmacokinetic profile.
ML381 Chemical Structure
BCP17381 ML381 1623481-80-0
ML381, also known as VU0488130, is a novel M5-orthosteric antagonist possessing a high degree of muscarinic subtype selectivity.
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