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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Fonofoxon Chemical Structure
BCP31570 Fonofoxon 944-21-8
CD38 inhibitor 1 Chemical Structure
BCP31569 CD38 inhibitor 1 1700637-55-3
CD38 inhibitor 1 is a potent CD38 inhibitor with IC50s of 7.3 nM and 1.9 nM for hCD38 and mouse CD38.
SATA Protein Modifier Chemical Structure
BCP31568 SATA Protein Modifier 76931-93-6
SATA Protein Modifier is a protein modification reagent used to convert primary amine groups into protected sulfhydryls (thiol; -SH) for later reaction with sulfhydryl reactive crosslinkers such as Sulfo-SMCC, Sulfo-MBS, etc.
Dual Specificity Protein Phosphatase 1/6 Inhibitor Chemical Structure
BCP31565 Dual Specificity Protein Phosphatase 1/6 Inhibitor 15982-84-0
CINPA1 Chemical Structure
BCP31557 CINPA1 102636-74-8
CINPA1 is a potent constitutive androstane receptor (CAR) antagonist, not activating pregnane X receptor.
LY2444296 Chemical Structure
BCP31556 LY2444296 1346133-11-6
LY2444296 is a short-acting selective nonpeptide KOP receptor antagonist.
Emeramide Chemical Structure
BCP31511 Emeramide 351994-94-0
Emeramide is a novel lipid-soluble, thiol-redox antioxidant and heavy metal chelator.
UAA crosslinker 1 Chemical Structure
BCP31507 UAA crosslinker 1 1167421-25-1
UAA crosslinker 1 act as substrates for pylRS/tRNA pair that enable its incorporation into a target protein.
DIMBOA glucoside Chemical Structure
BCP31494 DIMBOA glucoside 18607-79-9
DIMBOA glucoside is a cyclic hydroxamic acid that is DIMBOA attached to a beta-D-glucopyranosyl residue at position 2 via a glycosidic linkage.
GS-4361 Chemical Structure
BCP31470 GS-4361 2291164-02-6
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