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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Pirlimycin hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP31935 Pirlimycin hydrochloride 78822-40-9
Pirlimycin Hydrochloride is a semi-synthetic lincosaminide antibiotic. Pirlimycin Hydrochloride is a Clindamycin analog.
Pirlimycin Chemical Structure
BCP31934 Pirlimycin 79548-73-5
Pirlimycin is a semi-synthetic lincosamide prepared from clindamycin by hydrolysing the propyl N-methylproline and re-annealing a 4-ethylpipecolic acid; a broad spectrum antibiotic with activity against anaerobic bacteria and protozoans by binding to the 23S ribosomal subunit, blocking protein synthesis
Depropyl Rotigotine Chemical Structure
BCP31932 Depropyl Rotigotine 153409-14-4
Despropylrotigotine is impurity of Rotigotine
Desthienylethyl rotigotine Chemical Structure
BCP31933 Desthienylethyl rotigotine 101470-23-9
Desthienylethyl Rotigotine is a substituted tetralin used in the production of antiparkinson medications.
BI-4020 Chemical Structure
BCP31931 BI-4020 BI4020
BI-4020 is a fourth-generation, orally active, and non-covalent EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor. BI-4020 inhibits not only the triple mutant EGFR del19 T790M C797S variant (IC50=0.2 nM in BaF3 cell lines) but also the double mutant EGFR del19 T790M and primary mutant EGFR del19 (IC50=1 nM). BI-4020 also shows activity against EGFR wt (IC50=190 nM). BI-4020 shows high kinome selectivity and good DMPK properties.
2-(((3-Methyl-4-nitropyridin-2-yl)methyl)sulfonyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole Chemical Structure
BCP31930 2-(((3-Methyl-4-nitropyridin-2-yl)methyl)sulfonyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole 1187926-85-7
(Z)-5,6-dihydrodibenzo[b,f]azocine Chemical Structure
BCP31928 (Z)-5,6-dihydrodibenzo[b,f]azocine 23194-93-6
Lansoprazole Sulfone N-Oxide Chemical Structure
BCP31929 Lansoprazole Sulfone N-Oxide 953787-54-7
Lansoprazole Sulfone N-Oxide is an impurity of Lansoprazole.
Vorapaxar Sulfate Impurity A Chemical Structure
BCP15102 Vorapaxar Sulfate Impurity A 900161-13-9
Vorapaxar Sulfate Impurity A is an impurity of Vorapaxar Sulfate
DBCO-NHS Chemical Structure
BCP31927 DBCO-NHS 1353016-71-3
DBCO-NHS is an amine-reactive compound and can be used to modify an amine-containing molecule in organic solvents (limited solubility in aqueous media).
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