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Prostaglandin Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
KW 3635 Chemical Structure
BCP10636 KW 3635 127166-41-0
KW-3635 is a thromboxane A2 receptor antagonist.
AL8810 Chemical Structure
BCP16368 AL8810 246246-19-5
AL-8810 is a prostaglandin F2α receptor antagonist
Latanoprost Lactol Chemical Structure
BCP30052 Latanoprost Lactol 352276-28-9
Latanoprost is an agonist for the FP prostanoid receptor, and lowers intraocular-pressure (IOP).
Terutroban Chemical Structure
BCP23809 Terutroban 165538-40-9
Terutroban is a thromboxane/prostaglandin endoperoxide receptor antagonist.
Vidupiprant Chemical Structure
BCP28132 Vidupiprant 1169483-24-2
Vidupiprant is novel a CRTH2 and DP Dual Antagonist.
Latanoprost Acid Chemical Structure
BCP28359 Latanoprost Acid 41639-83-2
Latanoprost Acid is a metabolite of Latanoprost.Latanoprost acid is a potent FP receptor agonist with an EC50 of 3.6 nM for human FP receptors, which is twice the potency of PGF2α.
Gemeprost Chemical Structure
BCP28562 Gemeprost 64318-79-2
Gemeprost is an analogue of prostaglandin E1 and is used as a treatment for obstetric bleeding.
ONO-AE3-208 Chemical Structure
BCP29725 ONO-AE3-208 402473-54-5
ONO-AE3-208 is a high affinity and selective EP4 receptor antagonist (Ki values are 1.3, 30, 790 and 2400 nM for EP4, EP3, FP and TP receptors respectively).
Latanoprost Lactone Diol Chemical Structure
BCP24146 Latanoprost Lactone Diol 145667-75-0
Latanoprost is an agonist for the FP prostanoid receptor, and lowers intraocular-pressure (IOP).
BM 567 Chemical Structure
BCP28235 BM 567 284464-77-3
BM 567 is acting as an inhibitor of thromboxane A2 (TXA2) synthase and an antagonist of the TP receptor.
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