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Prostaglandin Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Beraprost sodium Chemical Structure
BCP06345 Beraprost sodium 88475-69-8
Beraprost sodium is a potent IP receptor agonist, inhibiting ADP-induced platelet aggregation and P-selectin expression.
Beraprost Chemical Structure
BCP10436 Beraprost 88430-50-6
Beraprost is an aliphatic alcohol.
Asapiprant Chemical Structure
BCP30346 Asapiprant 932372-01-5
Asapiprant is a potent and selective DP1 receptor antagonist with a Ki of 0.44 nM.
Tiaprost Chemical Structure
BCP30311 Tiaprost 71116-82-0
Tiaprost is a prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) analogue.
Prostaglandin H2 Chemical Structure
BCP30295 Prostaglandin H2 42935-17-1
Prostaglandin h2 is a cyclic endoperoxide intermediate produced by the action of CYCLOOXYGENASE on ARACHIDONIC ACID. It is further converted by a series of specific enzymes to the series 2 prostaglandins.
Ornoprostil Chemical Structure
BCP17690 Ornoprostil 70667-26-4
Ornoprostil is a prostaglandin E1 analogue that acts as a mucosal protectant.
Benorilate Chemical Structure
BCP13353 Benorilate 5003-48-5
Benorilate is an ester of aspirin and paracetamol with analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory activity used in the treatment of rheumatoid diseases. Benorilate has less severe side effects than aspirin.
Tafluprost Chemical Structure
BCP08673 Tafluprost 209860-87-7
Tafluprost is a very potent FP receptor agonist
Tafluprost acid Chemical Structure
BCP17339 Tafluprost acid 209860-88-8
Tafluprost acid is a selective agonist at the prostaglandin F receptor, increasing outflow of aqueous fluid from the eyes and thus lowering intraocular pressure.
Seratrodast Chemical Structure
BCP08860 Seratrodast 112665-43-7
Seratrodast is a potent and selective thromboxane A2 receptor (TP) antagonist.
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