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Endothelin Receptor

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
BQ-788 Chemical Structure
BCP29520 BQ-788 173326-37-9
BQ788 is a endothelin B receptor antagonist. BQ788 attenuates stab wound injury-induced reactive astrocytes in rat brain. BQ788 were well tolerated and showed signs of directly and indirectly reducing the viability of melanoma cells.
Carperitide Chemical Structure
BCP12639 Carperitide 89213-87-6
Carperitide is a polypeptide.
Darusentan Chemical Structure
BCP13024 Darusentan 171714-84-4
Darusentan (LU-135252; HMR-4005) is an endothelin receptor antagonist.
Hydroxy Bosentan Chemical Structure
BCP15832 Hydroxy Bosentan 253688-60-7
Hydroxy Bosentan is a metabolite of Bosentan.
Aprocitentan Chemical Structure
BCP28125 Aprocitentan 1103522-45-7
Aprocitentan is the major and pharmacologically active metabolite of macitentan, which is dual ETA/ETB antagonist designed for tissue targeting.
BQ-123 Chemical Structure
BCP29354 BQ-123 136553-81-6
BQ-123 is a elective ETA endothelin receptor antagonist (Ki values are 1.4 and 1500 nM at ETA and ETB receptors respectively).
Ro 46-2005 Chemical Structure
BCP17756 Ro 46-2005 150725-87-4
Ro 46-2005 is a novel synthetic non-peptide endothelin receptor antagonist, inhibits the specific binding of 125I-ET-1 to human vascular smooth muscle cells (ETA receptor) with IC50 of 220 nM.
IRL-1620 Chemical Structure
BCP09112 IRL-1620 142569-99-1
IRL-1620, also known as SPI-1620, is an endothelin B receptor agonist.
Sitaxsentan sodium Chemical Structure
BCP08362 Sitaxsentan sodium 210421-74-2
Sitaxsentan sodium (TBC11251 sodium salt) is an orally active, highly selective antagonist of endothelin A receptors.
Ambrisentan Chemical Structure
BCP22426 Ambrisentan 177036-94-1
Ambrisentan is a selective ET type A receptor (ETAR) antagonist.
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