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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Amino-PEG4-amine Chemical Structure
BCP38325 Amino-PEG4-amine 68960-97-4
Amino-PEG4-amine is a PEG derivative containing two amino groups.
I-BET762 carboxylic acid Chemical Structure
BCP38314 I-BET762 carboxylic acid 1300019-38-8
I-BET762 carboxylic acid is an I-BET762-based warhead ligand for conjugation reactions of PROTAC targeting on BET.
Thalidomide 5-fluoride Chemical Structure
BCP38310 Thalidomide 5-fluoride 835616-61-0
Thalidomide 5-fluoride is Thalidomide-based cereblon ligand that incorporates to the ligand for IRAK4 protein by a linker to form PROTAC IRAK4 degrader-1.
(S,R,S)-AHPC-Me-C6-NH2 Chemical Structure
BCP38308 (S,R,S)-AHPC-Me-C6-NH2 2411422-49-4
PROTAC KRASG12C Degrader-LC-2 Chemical Structure
BCP38305 PROTAC KRASG12C Degrader-LC-2 2502156-03-6
PROTAC KRASG12C Degrader-LC-2 is a potent and first-in-class degrader of endogenous KRAS G12C with DC50 values between 0.25 and 0.76 μM.
Homo-PROTAC cereblon degrader 1 Chemical Structure
BCP38304 Homo-PROTAC cereblon degrader 1 2244520-98-5
Homo-PROTAC cereblon degrader 1 is a cereblon degrader.
Homo-PROTAC pVHL30 degrader 1 Chemical Structure
BCP38303 Homo-PROTAC pVHL30 degrader 1 2244684-49-7
Homo-PROTAC pVHL30 degrader 1 is a potent pVHL30 degrader based on PROTAC.
Pomalidomide-C2-NH2 Chemical Structure
BCP38302 Pomalidomide-C2-NH2 1957235-66-3
Pomalidomide-C2-NH2 is a ligand for E3 ubiquitin ligase.
XZ739 Chemical Structure
BCP38301 XZ739 2365172-19-4
XZ739, a CRBN-dependent PROTAC BCL-XL degrader with a DC50 value of 2.5 nM in MOLT-4 cells after 16 h treatment.
PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-5 Chemical Structure
BCP38300 PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-5 2409538-70-9
PROTAC BRD4 Degrader-5 is a PROTAC-based BRD4 degrader.
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