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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
E3 ligase Ligand 4 Chemical Structure
BCP30586 E3 ligase Ligand 4 835616-60-9
E3 ligase Ligand 4 is a precursor to Pomalidomide-based PROTACs.
VL285 Chemical Structure
BCP30479 VL285 1448188-57-5
VL285 is a potent VHL ligand, degrading HaloTag7 fusion proteins.
Protein degrader 1 Chemical Structure
BCP25134 Protein degrader 1 1448297-52-6
Protein degrader 1 is a potent and selective protein degrader.
Protein degrader 1 hydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP25135 Protein degrader 1 hydrochloride 1448189-80-7
Protein degrader 1 hydrochloride is used in the synthesis of HaloPROTACs.
dBET1 Chemical Structure
BCP25962 dBET1 1799711-21-9
dBET1 is a potent BRD4 protein degrader based on PROTAC technology with an EC50 of 430 nM.
ARV-825 Chemical Structure
BCP19950 ARV-825 1818885-28-7
ARV-825 is a BRD4 Inhibitor based on PROTAC technology.
E3 ligase Ligand 2 Chemical Structure
BCP20021 E3 ligase Ligand 2 5054-59-1
E3 ligase Ligand 2 is a Ligand for E3 Ligase used in PROTAC technology.
VH-298 Chemical Structure
BCP20719 VH-298 2097381-85-4
VH-298 is a highly potent inhibitor of the VHL:HIF-α interaction with a Kd value of 80 to 90 nM, used in PROTAC technology.
PROTAC BRD9 Degrader-1 Chemical Structure
BCP30517 PROTAC BRD9 Degrader-1 2097971-01-0
PROTAC BRD9 Degrader-1 is a lead PROTAC BRD9 chemical degrader (IC50=13.5 nM), which can be used as a selective probe useful for the study of BAF complex biology.
PROTAC BET Degrader-1 Chemical Structure
BCP30516 PROTAC BET Degrader-1 2093386-22-0
PROTAC BET Degrader-1 is a potent BET degrader based on PROTAC, decreasing BRD2, BRD3, and BRD4 protein levels at low concentration.
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