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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
CAY 10465 Chemical Structure
BCP29876 CAY 10465 688348-33-6
CAY 10465 is a selective and high-affinity AhR agonist, with a Ki of 0.2 nM, and shows no effect on estrogen receptor (Ki >100000 nM).
PDM2 Chemical Structure
BCP29875 PDM2 688348-25-6
PDM2 is a selective, high-affinity aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) antagonist with an Ki of 1.2±0.4 nM.
beta-Naphthoflavone Chemical Structure
BCP29482 beta-Naphthoflavone 6051-87-2
beta-Naphthoflavone is a AhR agonist and antioxidant.
UM729 Chemical Structure
BCP23714 UM729 1448723-60-1
UM729 is an enhancer of AhR antagonists.
CH-223191 Chemical Structure
BCP12814 CH-223191 301326-22-7
CH-223191 is a ligand-selective antagonist of the Ah (Dioxin) receptor.
Neodiosmin Chemical Structure
BCP07307 Neodiosmin 38665-01-9
Neodiosmin has poor aqueous solubility but exerts a good debittering effect and is a strong antioxidant with potential applications in foods, beverages, and pharmaceutical preparations.
Diosmin Chemical Structure
BCP04488 Diosmin 520-27-4
Diosmin is a semisynthetic phlebotropic agent and a member of the flavonoid family.
L-Kynurenine Chemical Structure
BCP20697 L-Kynurenine 2922-83-0
L-Kynurenine is a metabolite of the amino acid L-tryptophan. L-Kynurenine is an aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonist.
Indole-3-carbinol Chemical Structure
BCP00087 Indole-3-carbinol 700-06-1
Indole-3-carbinol suppresses NF-κB activity and also is an Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) agonist.
StemRegenin 1 Chemical Structure
BCP07738 StemRegenin 1 1227633-49-9
The compound StemRegenin 1 (SR1) is a selective, cell permeable, small molecule that promotes the self-renewal of human hematopoietic stem cells in culture.
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