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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
(−)-Nutlin-3 Chemical Structure
BCP29278 (−)-Nutlin-3 548472-68-0
Nutlin 3 is a commercial available p53-MDM2 inhibitor, with Ki of 90 nM.
Solasodine Chemical Structure
BCP10954 Solasodine 126-17-0
Solasodine is an antioxidant glycoalkaloid of Solanum species.
HDM201 Chemical Structure
BCP20814 HDM201 1448867-41-1
HDM201 is an orally bioavailable human double minute 2 homolog (HDM2) inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity.
AA-115 Chemical Structure
BCP25148 AA-115 1818393-16-6
AA-115, also known as APG-115, is a highly potent, chemically stable and efficacious MDM2 inhibitor, which has entered clinical development for cancer treatment.
Parthenolide Chemical Structure
BCP10404 Parthenolide 20554-84-1
Parthenolide is an NF-κB inhibitor, reduces histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC-1) and DNA methyltransferase 1 independent of NF-κB inhibition.
BH3I-1 Chemical Structure
BCP17483 BH3I-1 300817-68-9
BH3I-1 is a Bcl-2 antagonist. BH3I-1 has a Kd of 5.3 μM against the p53/MDM2 pair.
RO8994 Chemical Structure
BCP15973 RO8994 1309684-94-3
RO8994 is a highly potent and selective series of spiroindolinone small-molecule MDM2 inhibitor.
YH239-EE Chemical Structure
BCP09904 YH239-EE 1364488-67-4
YH239-EE, the ethyl ester of YH239, is a potent p53-MDM2 antagonist and an apoptosis inducer.
MX69 Chemical Structure
BCP19296 MX69 1005264-47-0
MX69 is the MDM2/XIAP inhibitor, used for cancer treatment.
SAR405838 Chemical Structure
BCP14594 SAR405838 1303607-60-4
SAR405838 is a highly potent and selective MDM2 inhibitor, binds to MDM2 with Ki= 0.88 nM and has high specificity over other proteins.
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