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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Shikonin Chemical Structure
BCP29329 Shikonin 517-89-5
Shikonin is a major component of a Chinese herbal medicine named zicao. Shikonin has shown various biological activities, including inhibition of TNF-α, NF-κB, HIV-1.
Notopterol Chemical Structure
BCP30866 Notopterol 88206-46-6
Notopterol, coming from the roots of Notopterygium incisum, possesses the properties of cell cycle-specific inhibition and apoptosis induced.
Bergapten Chemical Structure
BCP30865 Bergapten 484-20-8
Bergapten is a psoralen that can be photoactivated and is capable of crossing-linking DNA, covalently modifying proteins and lipids, and consequently inhibiting cell replication.
Bergaptol Chemical Structure
BCP30863 Bergaptol 486-60-2
Bergaptol is a natural furanocoumarin extract from lemon and bergamot acts as a potent inhibitors of debenzylation activity of CYP3A4 enzyme
Nodakenin Chemical Structure
BCP30864 Nodakenin 495-31-8
Nodakenin is an important natural resource and medicinal material with anti-allergic and anti- inflammatory activities
Magnoflorine Chemical Structure
BCP30817 Magnoflorine 2141-09-5
Magnoflorine is an alkaloid and a major constituent of S. acutum that has diverse biological activities.
Dauricine Chemical Structure
BCP30798 Dauricine 524-17-4
Dauricine is a calcium channel blocker. It is the main toxin that makes the North American vine Menispermum canadense poisonous.
Phenprocoumon Chemical Structure
BCP01576 Phenprocoumon 435-97-2
Phenprocoumon is a coumarin derivative that acts as a long acting oral anticoagulant and an antagonist of vitamin K.
Pilocarpine Nitrate Chemical Structure
BCP30675 Pilocarpine Nitrate 148-72-1
Pilocarpine nitrate is a selective M3-type muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (M3 muscarinic receptor) agonist.
Angelicide Chemical Structure
BCP30631 Angelicide 92935-94-9
The roots of Angelica sinensis
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