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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Pilocarpine Chemical Structure
BCP26147 Pilocarpine 92-13-7
Pilocarpine is a slowly hydrolyzed muscarinic agonist with no nicotinic effects. Pilocarpine is used as a miotic and in the treatment of glaucoma.
β-Muricholic Acid Chemical Structure
BCP32671 β-Muricholic Acid 2393-59-1
β-Muricholic acid is a member of the class of muricholic acids in which the hydroxy groups at positions 6 and 7 both have beta configuration. It is a member of muricholic acids, a 6beta-hydroxy steroid and a 7beta-hydroxy steroid. It is a conjugate acid of a beta-muricholate.
Vitexin Chemical Structure
BCP32645 Vitexin 3681-93-4
Vitexin is an apigenin flavone glycoside, which is found in the passion flower, bamboo leaves and pearl millet It has a role as a platelet aggregation inhibitor, an EC (alpha-glucosidase) inhibitor, an antineoplastic agent and a plant metabolite. It is a C-glycosyl compound and a trihydroxyflavone. It derives from an apigenin. It is a conjugate acid of a vitexin-7-olate.
Aloeresin D Chemical Structure
BCP32579 Aloeresin D 105317-67-7
Aloeresin D is isolated and purified from the herbs of Aloe arborescens Mill.
Tetrodotoxin Chemical Structure
BCP32576 Tetrodotoxin 4368-28-9
Tetrodotoxin is isolated and purified from the Tetraodontidae.Tetrodotoxin, a poison from the puffer fish, at very low concentrations, blocks the action potential production through its selective inhibition of the sodium-carrying mechanism while keeping the potassium-carrying mechanism intact.
Digallic acid Chemical Structure
BCP32287 Digallic acid 536-08-3
Digallic acid is a benzoate ester and a gallate ester. It derives from a gallic acid. It is a conjugate acid of a digallate.
Ponasteroside A Chemical Structure
BCP32286 Ponasteroside A 20117-33-3 
Ponasteroside A is a member of the class of compounds known as steroidal glycosides.
Succinyl onion Chemical Structure
BCP32282 Succinyl onion 1811548-30-7
Ononin is an isoflavonoid, is an additional growth inhibitor in soils associated with the weed, Pluchea lanceolata. It may act by inducing erythropoietin expression. It can inhibit the growth of pathogen. It play an important role in human nutrition as health promoting natural chemicals and are established to be the beneficial components.
Skimmin Chemical Structure
BCP32280 Skimmin 93-39-0
Skimmin isolated from the herbs of Hydrangea paniculata. It can suppress diabetic nephropathy in rats effectively, and may slow down the renal fibrosis.
Primeverose Chemical Structure
BCP32270 Primeverose 26531-85-1
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