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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
28-Homobrassinolide Chemical Structure
BCP36704 28-Homobrassinolide 74174-44-0
28-Homobrassinolide is a derivative of Brassinolide, a plant hormone; natural steroid containing a seven-membered B-ring lactone, that promotes both cell elongation and cell devision.
Acetosyringone Chemical Structure
BCP36703 Acetosyringone 2478-38-8
Acetosyringone used in the synthesis of tetramethoxychalcone and its analogues as anticancer agents. It is a naturally occuring compound found in plants and used in plant-pathogen recognition.
Prohydrojasmon Chemical Structure
BCP36702 Prohydrojasmon 158474-72-7
cis-Zeatin riboside Chemical Structure
BCP36694 cis-Zeatin riboside 15896-46-5
trans-Zeatin-riboside Chemical Structure
BCP36693 trans-Zeatin-riboside 6025-53-2
trans-Zeatin-riboside is a well-known, highly active stimulant of cell divisions in plant tissue cultures.
Zeatin riboside Chemical Structure
BCP36692 Zeatin riboside 28542-78-1
Zeatin Riboside is useful to biological study in putative role of adenosine A3 receptor in anti-proliferative action of N6-(2-isopentyl)adenosine.
Dihydrozeatin riboside Chemical Structure
BCP36691 Dihydrozeatin riboside 22663-55-4
Dihydrozeatin Riboside can be used in biological study for cytokinins stimulated expression of stress-related proteins and transcripts in Arabidopsis thaliana with isopentenyl-transferase over-expression.
Zeatin Chemical Structure
BCP36689 Zeatin 13114-27-7
Zeatin belongs to the family of plant-growth hormones called cytokinins and it can be used for agricultural use as agrochemicals for increasing crop yields and regulate various aspects of plant growth and development.
cis-Zeatin Chemical Structure
BCP36688 cis-Zeatin 32771-64-5
cis-Zeatin is a member of the cytokinin family.
DL-Dihydrozeatin Chemical Structure
BCP36687 DL-Dihydrozeatin 14894-18-9
Dihydrozeatin can be used in biological study for cytokinin abundance, interconversions and formation of new trans-zeatin metabolic product with weak anticytokinin activity in maize during cytokinin metabolism.
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