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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Astaxanthin Chemical Structure
BCP05821 Astaxanthin 472-61-7
Astaxanthin is a keto-carotenoid.
Procyanidin Chemical Structure
BCP25503 Procyanidin 4852-22-6
Procyanidins are members of the proanthocyanidin (or condensed tannins) class of flavonoids.
Trehalose Chemical Structure
BCP07695 Trehalose 99-20-7
Diosmin Chemical Structure
BCP04488 Diosmin 520-27-4
Diosmin is a semisynthetic phlebotropic agent and a member of the flavonoid family.
Betulinicaldehyde Chemical Structure
BCP12885 Betulinicaldehyde 13159-28-9
Betulinaldehyde(Betunal) belongs to pentacyclic triterpenoids and was reported to exhibit antimicrobial activities against bacteria and fungi, including S. aureus.
Norisoboldine Chemical Structure
BCP18952 Norisoboldine 23599-69-1
Norisoboldine is an isoquinoline alkaloid which acts as an AhR agonist, and enhances the function of the adenosine A1 receptor.
Artemisinin Chemical Structure
BCP02096 Artemisinin 63968-64-9
Artemisinin is a drug used to treat multi-drug resistant strains of falciparum malaria (as well as increasingly vivax malaria).
Bilirubin Chemical Structure
BCP13520 Bilirubin 635-65-4
Bilirubin is a principal pigment of bile and one of the major end products of hemoglobin decomposition.
Ganoderic acid C6 Chemical Structure
BCP19151 Ganoderic acid C6 105742-76-5
Ganoderic Acid G Chemical Structure
BCP19153 Ganoderic Acid G 98665-22-6
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