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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
CCG-222740 Chemical Structure
BCP31985 CCG-222740 1922098-69-8
CCG-222740 is a potent and selective Rho/myocardin-related transcription factor (MRTF) pathway inhibitor. CCG-222740 also is a potent inhibitor of alpha-smooth muscle actin protein expression. CCG-222740 effectively reduces fibrosis in skin and blocks melanoma metastasis.
ZT-12-037-01 Chemical Structure
BCP31626 ZT-12-037-01 2328073-61-4
ZT-12-037-01 is a potent, selective, ATP-competitive STK19 inhibitor. ZT-12-037-01 effectively blocks oncogenic NRAS-driven melanocyte malignant transformation and melanoma growth in vitro and in vivo.
BI-2852 Chemical Structure
BCP31539 BI-2852 BI-2852
BI-2852 is a KRAS inhibitor for the switch I/II pocket (SI/II-pocket) by structure-based drug design with nanomolar affinity.
MRTX849 Chemical Structure
BCP31538 MRTX849 2326521-71-3
MRTX849 is a potent, orally-available, and mutation-selective covalent inhibitor of KRAS G12C with potential antineoplastic activity. MRTX849 covalently binds to KRAS G12C at the cysteine at residue 12, locks the protein in its inactive GDP-bound conformation, and inhibits KRAS-dependent signal transduction.
(rac)-Antineoplaston A10 Chemical Structure
BCP31010 (rac)-Antineoplaston A10 77658-84-5
(rac)-Antineoplaston A10 is the racemate of Antineoplaston A10.
K-Ras(G12C) inhibitor 6 Chemical Structure
BCP30805 K-Ras(G12C) inhibitor 6 2060530-16-5
K-Ras(G12C) inhibitor 6 is an allosteric, and selective inhibitor of oncogenic K-Ras(G12C).
GGTI-2418 Chemical Structure
BCP30523 GGTI-2418 501010-06-6
GGTI-2418 is a synthetic peptidomimetic inhibitor of geranylgeranyltransferase I (GGTase I) that appears to induce apoptosis by downregulating several pivotal oncogenic and tumor survival pathways.
CID-1067700 Chemical Structure
BCP06876 CID-1067700 314042-01-8
CID-1067700 is a pan GTPase inhibitor, and competitively inhibits Ras-related in brain 7 (Rab7) with a Ki of 13 nM.
MRTX-1257 Chemical Structure
BCP30448 MRTX-1257 2206736-04-9
MRTX-1257 is an irreversible covalent inhibitor of KRAS G12C with antitumor efficacy.
AMG510 Chemical Structure
BCP30452 AMG510 2252403-56-6
AMG510 is a potent KRAS G12C covalent inhibitor.
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