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Chloride Channel

Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
R(+)-IAA-94 Chemical Structure
BCP32714 R(+)-IAA-94 54197-31-8
R(+)-IAA-94 is a potent indanyloxyacetic acid blocker of epithelial chloride channels.
Monna Chemical Structure
BCP32415 Monna 1572936-83-4
MONNA is a potent TMEM16A (Anoctamin-1) blocker (IC50 = 80 nM).
CLP-290 Chemical Structure
BCP25040 CLP-290 1181083-81-7
CLP-290 is a novel KCC2 modulator and prodrug of CLP-257, highly selective for KCC2 over related Cl- transporters.
Chlorotoxin Chemical Structure
BCP30217 Chlorotoxin 163515-35-3
Chlorotoxin is a 36 amino-acid peptide from the venom of the Israeli scorpion Leiurus quinquestriatus with anticancer activity.
Adjudin Chemical Structure
BCP13328 Adjudin 252025-52-8
Adjudin is an extensively studied male contraceptive with a superior mitochondria-inhibitory effect. Adjudin is also a potent Cl- channel blocker.
DCPIB Chemical Structure
BCP30868 DCPIB 82749-70-0
DCPIB is a potent and selective volume-sensitive anion channel (VSAC) blocker, swell in various cardiovascular tissues (IC50 = 4.1 μM in CPAE cells). It inhibits glucose-stimulated insulin in intact β-cells, and reverses cell swelling-induced action potential duration shortening in atrial myocytes and inhibits astroglial swelling in vitro.
CaCCinh-A01 Chemical Structure
BCP26187 CaCCinh-A01 407587-33-1
CaCCinh-A01 is an inhibitor of both TMEM16A and calcium-activated chloride channel (CaCC) with IC50s of 2.1 and 10 μM, respectively.
Lubiprostone Chemical Structure
BCP08672 Lubiprostone 333963-40-9
Lubiprostone is a bicyclic fatty acid derived from prostaglandin E1 that acts by specifically activating ClC-2 chloride channels on the apical aspect of gastrointestinal epithelial cells, producing a chloride-rich fluid secretion.
Lubiprostone Chemical Structure
BCP14113 Lubiprostone 136790-76-6
Lubiprostone(SPI-0211;RU0211) is a gastrointestinal agent used for the treatment of idiopathic chronic constipation.
Shikonin Chemical Structure
BCP29329 Shikonin 517-89-5
Shikonin is a major component of a Chinese herbal medicine named zicao. Shikonin has shown various biological activities, including inhibition of TNF-α, NF-κB, HIV-1.