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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
B-Raf inhibitor 1 dihydrochloride Chemical Structure
BCP29713 B-Raf inhibitor 1 dihydrochloride 1191385-19-9
B-Raf inhibitor 1 dihydrochloride is a novel potent and selective B-Raf inhibitor.
Takeda-6d Chemical Structure
BCP29579 Takeda-6d 1125632-93-0
Takeda-6d has potent inhibitory activity in both B-RAF with an IC50 of 7.0 nM and VEGFR2 with an IC50 of 2.2 nM.
PF-04880594 Chemical Structure
BCP21016 PF-04880594 1111636-35-1
PF-04880594 is a RAF inhibitor, which induces ERK phosphorylation and RAF dimerization in those epithelial tissues that undergo hyperplasia.
B-Raf-IN-1 Chemical Structure
BCP28151 B-Raf-IN-1 950736-05-7
B-Raf IN 1 is a highlt potent and selective B-Raf inhibitor with IC50 of 24 nM; equipotent against c-Raf (IC50= 25 nM).
HA-15 Chemical Structure
BCP28914 HA-15 1609402-14-3
HA15 displayed anti-cancerous activity on all melanoma cells tested, including cells isolated from patients and cells that developed resistance to BRAF inhibitors.
LXH254 Chemical Structure
BCP29080 LXH254 1800398-38-2
LXH254 is a potent CRAF inhibitor extracted from patent WO2018051306A1, Compound A. LXH254 also is a potent BRAF inhibitor.
AD80 Chemical Structure
BCP25106 AD80 1384071-99-1
AD80, a multikinase inhibitor, inhibits RET, RAF,SRCand S6K, with greatly reduced mTOR activity.
BGB283 Chemical Structure
BCP09509 BGB283 1446090-77-2
BGB-283 is a novel and potent Raf Kinase and EGFR inhibitor with IC50 values of 23 and 29 nM for recombinant BRaf V600E and EGFR, respectively.
CCT196969 Chemical Structure
BCP19551 CCT196969 1163719-56-9
CCT196969, a pan-Raf inhibitor, inhibits B-Raf with an IC50 of 0.1 μM.
RAF265 Chemical Structure
BCP02408 RAF265 927880-90-8
RAF265 (CHIR-265) is an oral, highly selective RAF and VEGFR kinase inhibitor with IC50 of of 5 to 10 μM.
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